Removes oxides and other chemically bonded layers from nickel, stainless steels and other chromium alloys.
5 – 7 volts, Carbon Electrode (preferred) or platinum.

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Activator being used to remove an oxide layer from nickel after chrome stripping.

Product Details

Features Applications
Quickly removes the oxide layer on the surface of metal Very useful when preparing nickel or stainless steel for plating, as these metals form strong oxide layers on their surfaces
Does NOT contain hydrochloric acid Does not stain work piece or organic coatings such as paint. A lot more safer to use.
Activates a wider range of metals including nickel and stainless No need to keep stock of different activators for different metals.


Tech Specs

Operating Conditions

Voltage Range 5 – 7 volts
Temperature 14 – 25 °C
Metals Activated Nickel and stainless steel (see notes)
Electrode Carbon (preferred) or platinum
Activating time 5 – 10 seconds over any one spot
Special storage requirements None
Shelf life Over 5 years
Health and Safety classification Not classified as hazardous
Special considerations None
Transport (UN number) None: Not classified as dangerous for transport



  • Some stainless steels are very passive and require a initial layer of gold plated with Gold Strike
    after activating for maximum adhesion.

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Activator 250ml £8.41 Stock: 38
Activator 500ml £14.82 Stock: 29
Activator 1 litre £24.87 Stock: 14


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