Rhodium Battery Powered Pen Plating Kit

Rhodium Battery Powered Pen Plating Kit Watch Our Video

Rhodium plating claw settings for precious stones is now quick and very straightforward with this completely portable Rhodium Battery Powered Pen Plating Kit.
Kit Contents; 10ml Rhodium Pen Plating Solution, 1 Battery Plating Pen, 100ml MPU Fine, 2 Fibre Nibs, 1 Fine Fibre Nib, 1 Mini Contact Probe, 1 Glass Jar, 1 3ml Pipette, Plastic Tweezers, 2 Conductor Strips.

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Rhodium Battery Powered Pen Plating Kit £90.80

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The nib on the left is our Fibre Nib and the one on the right is our Fine Fibre Nib. Each kit includes two fibre nibs specifically designed and manufactured for exclusive use with our plating pens. These nibs are the only ones you should use with our Rhodium Pen Plating Solution, but they can be used with our other pen plating solutions as well.  The Fine Fibre Nib has been specifically developed for rhodium plating claw and pave settings. The conduction band on the Fine Fibre Nib ensures good conductivity, optimum plating performance and another advantage of the fine nib is that it absorbs less plating solution and is therefore more economic to use. For illustrated instructions on how to use the Battery Plating Pen, please click HERE for our Electroplating Manual. If you live outside the UK and EU, you could replace the rhodium pen plating solution with our Palladium Pen Plating Solution which can be shipped internationally.

example usage 2

One of the unique features of our portable plating pen is that it can be completely disassembled for thourough cleaning and for swapping pen electrodes. The kit includes a mini allen key which loosens the grub nut on the side of the titanium elecrode holder, releasing the platinum pen electrode. Both the electrode holder and the electrode can then be thoroughly cleaned, avoiding cross contamination between pen plating solutions and possible corrosion over time whilst the pen is in storage.

example usage 3

The ultra fine fibre nib makes precision rhodium plating of claw settings much more accurate and straightforward.

example usage 4

The batteries are easy to replace, so you don’t have to throw away the unit when the batteries run out and buy a whole new kit. Please use 3 x AA batteries (high quality long life). When inserting your batteries make sure the end of the battery with the small contact goes in first (positive) with the large contact (negative) pressing up against the spring contact.

Product Details

Battery Powered Plating Pen

Features Benefits
Powered by 3 AAA batteries Long life batteries that mean the plating pen will keep plating for longer. Delivers 3.0 – 5.0 volts. The batteries, once they are used up, can be easily replaced so the plating pen doesn’t have to be thrown away.
Can be completely disassembled enables the pen to be thoroughly cleaned and properly stored between uses, ensuring the pen operates at maximum efficiency.

Copper crocodile clip at end of black lead corrosoin resistant and reduces scratching compared to a stainless steel crocodile clip.

Pen electrode can be removed from pen electrode holder Can swap electrodes according to pen plating solution being used, so if you’re silver pen plating you can use our silver pen electrode or if you’re rose gold pen plating you can fit our carbon pen electrode.
Copper crocodile clip at end of black lead corrosion resistant and reduces scratching compared to a stainless steel crocodile clip.

Rhodium Pen Plating Solution

Features Applications Method
  • Highly reflective and corrosion resistant- white lustrous appearance
  • Hardest precious metal
  • Rhodium concentration: 25 gms per litre
  • Plating over white gold alloy (typically 75% gold with balance palladium, platinum or silver) to give a brilliant white finish
  • Non-tarnish coating for silver
  • Plate at no lower than 25 degrees centigrade.
  • If plating on to copper and its alloys, plate a barrier of at least 2 microns of palladium or nickel before plating the rhodium
  • Use only our Fibre Nibs


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