Copper Electroforming Solution (Export Only)

Copper Electroforming Solution (Export Only)

For export outside the UK and the EU only. Requires futher additions in order for it to function. Please refer to the Tech Specs and Product Details tabs below for more information.

A Copper Electroforming Solution that will quickly build a thick, bright and smooth layer of pure copper and will work with most other copper plating solutions.

Copper Electroforming Solution (Export Only) 800ml £17.70 Stock: 13
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One litre of our Copper Electroforming Solution (Export Only) is capable of plating 25 golf balls to a thickness of 100 microns. Quickly builds a shiny layer of copper without the need for post plating polishing. Our electroforming solution contains a tarnish inhibitor which means it keeps its shine for longer – just rinse and dry after plating.

Product Details

In order for this product to be sent by air, we have removed the sulphuric acid component from the preparation. Once received, you can add the sulphuric acid component providing you can find a source of battery acid locally.

The procedure for making one litre of working solution can be found by clicking on the Tech Specs tab.

Tech Specs

Operating Conditions, Deposit Data and Preparation Instructions

Plating Factor 0.05 A/cm2
Plating rate 1.0 micron per minute at 0.05A/cm2
Temperature 21 – 30°C (See notes)
pH <1.0
Agitation Low (slow spin speed on stirrer) See notes below
Brightener Single brightener. Initial concentration: 25ml/litre
Electrode (bagged) Copper Electrode for Tank Plating recommended
Cathode efficiency Above 98% at Plating Factor = 0.03A/cm2
Hardness of deposit 160 VPN falling to 100VPN over 5 days at room temp
Density of deposit 8.9 g/cm3
Stress Low (Tensile)
Special storage requirements None
Shelf life 1 – 2 years
Health and Safety classification Corrosive
Transport (UN number) 2796



  • Brightener additions should be made at the start of plating if possible. Additions can
    be determined using the Copper Electroforming Calculator by clicking Here
  • Higher temperatures favour less burning on exposed areas ie: sharp edges or pointed parts.
  • Solution should only be lightly agitated with the stirring rate set to minimum. Too much
    agitation will disturb any copper residues in the anode bags causing them to enter the
    solution which will produce a rough deposit.
  • After starting from a long period of inactivity, add 5ml of Copper Brightener per litre of
    electroforming solution.
  • Build up of blue crystals is usual on the electrode ring. Remove by scraping them
    back into the solution and allow to dissolve before commencing plating.
  • If particulate contamination enters the solution – example from excessive agitation
    disturbing contents of anode bags – filter using our filter kit. Make sure to thoroughly rinse
    the anode bags.


To prepare 1 litre of working solution from 800ml of Copper Electroforming (Export Only)


1. Add 800ml of Copper Electroforming Export to a 1 litre graduated beaker or measuring cylinder.

2. Add 135 millilitre of Battery Acid (35%). See notes below.

3. Make up to 1 litre with distilled or deionised water. See notes below

4. Add to plating beaker or store in original bottle.


If 35% sulphuric acid is not available, please contact us with the percentage which
is available and we will advise on the addition accordingly.

Water for filling steam irons or water for topping up lead acid batteries can be used.

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Copper Electroforming Solution (Export Only) 800ml £17.70 Stock: 13
Copper Electroforming Solution (Export Only) 4 litres £54.01 Stock: 9


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