Copper Strike Tank Plating Solution

Copper Strike Tank Plating Solution

This semi-bright copper plating solution has been developed for tank plating copper on to zinc, steel and zincated aluminium.
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Features Benefits
Low-hazard, non-cyanide solution. Obvious health and safety benefits, can be shipped worldwide without incuring higher shipping costs.
Plates onto zincated aluminium, zinc and steel. Great low-hazard solution for plating onto these reactive metals.
Convenient single-shot replenishing system. Both the copper and pH levels can be adujsted at the same time by adding Copper Strike Tank Replenisher. See note (1)
Opperates at room temperature. No need for expense of hotplate stirrer. Can be used with our Magnetic Stirrer.
Long-life solution. Environmentally friendly as less need to dispose of used solution. See note (1)



1. Only when used with platinum or carbon electrodes


Tech Specs

Operating Conditions and Deposit Data

Plating Factor 0.01 A/cm2 (semi-bright for plating zinc and steel)
Note 1 and 2
Plating Factor 0.02 A/cm2 (for plating on to zincated aluminium)
Note 3
Plating rate 0.2 micron per minute at 0.01A/cm2
Plating rate 0.4 micron per minute at 0.02 A/cm2
Temperature 18 – 50 °C Note 4
Deposit appearance Semi bright at PF: 0.01 A/cm2 and room temperature
Deopsit apperance Dull – semi bright at PF: 0.02 A/cm2 and room temperature
pH 9.4 – 10.0
Copper concentration 15 grams per litre
Agitation Low – Medium Note 5
Anodes (rod electrodes) Platinum (preferred), carbon or copper (OHFC)
Note 6
Copper content in plate 99% (balance carbon)
Cathode efficiency 90 – 95% depending on plating factor
Hardness 370 Hv
Density of deposit 8.9 g/cm3
Stress Medium
Special storage requirements None
Shelf life 1 – 2 years
Health and Safety classification Irritant
Special considerations None
Transport (UN number) None: Not classified as dangerous for transport


  1. A plating factor of 0.01 A/cm2 generally yields a semi-bright coating while a plating factor of 0.02 A/cm2 yields a
    matte effect.
  2. For bright plating, we recommend transferring the article to a bright plating solution (nickel  or copper) after 5 minutes. Alternatively build up in the copper strike solution for 30 minutes and polish back with Autosol or a barrel polisher.
  3. Plate the zincated aluminium for ten minutes then transfer for building up to copper electroforming solution to build up brightness. Nickel can be used, but as the surface is duller due to the zincating process, we recommend copper electroforming solution as this is the quickest method to build up brightness.
  4. Higher temperatures increase the semi bright plating range. For example it’s possible to plate semi bright coatings at a plating factor of 0.02 A/cm2 at temperatures above 30 °C.
  5. Agitation is best provided using the Magnetic Stirrer in reversing mode as this helps minimising tide marks especially on flat work pieces.
  6. Anode bags help to reduce particulate contamination from dissolving electrodes by retaining it in the bag. However due to the requirement for agitation, some of this contamination will find its way into the solution.
    Particulate contamination from electrodes can be eliminated by using platinum electrodes in which case the copper plated out has to be replaced with Copper Strike Replenisher.

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Copper Strike Tank Plating Solution 250ml £8.28 Stock: 10
Copper Strike Tank Plating Solution 500ml £12.95 Stock: 10
Copper Strike Tank Plating Solution 1 litre £18.94 Stock: 10
Copper Strike Tank Plating Solution 5 litres £62.87 Stock: 10


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