Gold Tank Plating Kit

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A flexible gold tank plating kit that puts you in complete control of the gold tank plating process. With this kit you’ll be able to accurately plate any thickness of gold you require from thin, decorative layers of 0.1-0.2 microns all the way up to thick layers of gold Vermeil standard (2.5 microns)

Gold Tank Plating Kit
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  • Deluxe Rectifier
  • Gold Tank Plating Solution 250ml
  • Black Lead
  • Red Lead
  • Crocodile Clips
  • Hot Plate Stirrer
  • Stirring Bar (small)
  • Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • Plating Beakers 250ml
  • Mesh Electrodes 250
  • Thermometer
  • Plating Timer
  • Plating Stand
  • Plating Arms and Clamps
  • Gold Plated Jigging Wire 1meter
  • Wire Cutters
  • Plastic Tweezers
  • MPU 100ml
  • MetaSeal 200g
  • Rinse Bottle
  • Rinse Beakers - 250ml
  • Cleaner 250ml

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example usage 1

This sterling silver ring took 14 minutes to gold plate to vermeil standard (2.5 microns or 98.425 microinches) with our Gold Tank Plating kit. By using our Plating Calculator, which can be found to the right of this tabbed panel, we know how much gold we have plated onto the ring and how much gold is left in gold our solution. However, if we only wanted a thin, decorative layer of 0.1microns (3.93 microinches) we would only have needed to plate the ring for 33 seconds, according to the Tank Plating Calculator.

example usage 2

Our Tank Plating Kit includes 250ml of our Gold Tank Plating Solution. It contains 4g of gold per litre and is specifically designed to work with optimum efficiency with our tank plating kit. Our Hot Plate Stirrer agitates the Gold Plating Solution mechanically by stirring it gently. This avoids the health hazards associated with breathing in mists created by air agitation with fish tank air pumps, for example.

Contents Guide

Our Gold Tank Plating Kit is designed to deliver top quality plating results AND complete plating flexibility!

  • Used with our unique Gold Tank Plating Calculator, you’ll be able to work out how long to plate your item to your required thickness and how much gold will be left in your gold plating solution after plating.
  • All of the pieces of equipment and our Gold Plating Solution for tank and immersion plating have been designed to deliver consistent and measurable top quality gold plating results.
  • It fits around your needs – you can plate the full range of metal finishes.
  • You can plate items small and large – our kit has been developed to accommodate tanks of up to 5 litres in capacity.


Kit Contents

Deluxe Plating Rectifier

Features Benefits
Three red output ports No need to ‘stack’ your red leads; makes three stage plating runs hassle free
Strip and Plate switch with flashing red light in Strip mode No need to swap over the red and black leads when chrome stripping – just flip the switch.The red warning light tells you if you’re still in strip mode, so you won’t run the risk of damaging your work by forgetting to switch back to plate mode
Beaker/Brush switch
  • This power source is designed for beaker as well as brush and pen plating. In Beaker position, volts can be adjusted from 0 – 4, to two decimal points – an essential level of control for high quality beaker plating.
  • When switched to brush mode, the two decimal point amp metre is essential for maximum control while pen and silver plating, ensuring a high quality finish
Reset button Should the safety mechanism cause the rectifier to short out, you’ll be able to easily reset it yourself

Gold Tank Plating Solution

Features Benefits
Formulated specifically
for tank plating
Plates consistently bright over a range of operating conditions
Designed to be used
with our online Gold
Tank Plating Calculator
You know in advance not only how much gold you’ll be plating but also how much gold will be left in the gold solution.

Hot Plate Stirrer

Features Benefits
Fully variable heat control Allows you to keep your gold plating solution at just the right temperature for optimum performance.
Solution is agitated with a
magnetic stirrer at the bottom of the beaker during plating.
  • Mechanical agitation is a safer alternative to air agitation, as it eradicates any risk of the aerosol effect of the plating solution.
  • Mechanical agitation keeps the gold plating solution moving over the surface of the item being plated in a consistent way, again maximising the efficiency of the plating process.
  • Avoids unnecessary oxidisation of the metal plating solution that air agitation will cause. This means your metal plating solution will last its optimal length.

Glass Plating Beaker

Features Benefits
Made of pyrex glass
  • Items being plated can be seen throughout plating process.
  • No staining from plating solution over time.
Digital thermometer probe
attached to outside wall of tank
  • Not in direct contact with gold plating solution, so no danger of stainless steel contamination.
  • Allows you to easily monitor the temperature of your plating solution.
Comes in 250ml, 500ml and
1litre sizes
Plate different sized objects individually or in small batches, from rings to trophies.

Mesh Electrode

Features Benefits
Made from MMO
(mixed metal oxides)
  • Unlike others made of stainless steel, will not contaminate gold plating solution
  • Cheaper alternative to platinized titanium


Features Benefits
Simple digital display Can be easily read on desk top, away from tank plating equipment – no need to lean over plating tanks to see temperature of solutions.
Thermometer probe fits into thermometer port, attached
to outside of Glass Plating
No danger of plating solution being contaminated by having to dangle stainless steel probe directly into plating solution.

Plating Stand

Features Benefits
Made from stainless steel
  • Fully conductive  – negative lead connects directly to work through stand, which cuts out need for another trailing wire.
  • Non-corrodible
Designed to be used with our Plating Arm and Plating Arm Clamp (sold separately) Allows for complete flexibility – you can adjust height to of arms to accommodate small 250ml tanks up to and including 5 litre tanks
Electrical connection to work via negative lead, plugged into small socket at base of stand Again avoids having to dangle work on negative lead directly into tank

Plating Arm

Features Benefits
Made bespoke from solid stainless steel and designed to be used in conjunction with the Plating Arm Clamp
  • Fully conductive
  • Will not corrode and contaminate gold tank plating solution
  • When used with clamp, can moved up or down the stand in any position to fit any size of plating beaker.
Has ball head join point at one end to accommodate crocodile clip Ball head allows complete 360 degree movement of crocodile clip, so you can quickly and easily make fine adjustments to the position of you work in the gold plating solution.

Plating Arm Clamp

Features Benefits
Made in-house from non-corrosive stainless steel
  • Fully conductive
  • Will not corrode over time and risk contamination of gold tank plating solution
Precision made from solid stainless steel to fit our Plating Stand perfectly, with wing screw for easy tightening Means that you can fully adjust the height of the arm and it will be held firmly and safely in any position on the stand.

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Features Benefits
Efficiently cleans away residues left by cleaning compounds
  • Only uses water so no danger of contaminating plating solution
  • Can easily clean into crevices and hollow objects

Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution

Features Benefits
Designed specifically for use with our Ultrasonic Cleaner Safely and effectively removes grease, tarnish and general soiling in preparation for plating.

Gold Plated Jigging Wire 

Features Benefits
Gold plated No risk of contamination of plating solution during plating
Easy to bend by hand You’ll be able to shape jigs easily for complexly shaped items as well as a number of smaller items all at once.


Features Benefits
Combines activation and electrocleaning in one stage
  • Instantly removes the strong oxide layer that quickly builds on stainless steel, nickel and its alloys
  • Ideal for cleaning heavily tarnished or deeply recessed silver

Plastic Beakers x 6

Features Benefits
250ml volume, lightweight plastic.
NB – Do not place on or near the Hot Plate Stirrer!
The six beakers provide for 2 rinses after the ultrasonic cleaning stage, 2 rinses after the ActiClean stage and 2 rinses after the gold plating stage. The sixth and final rinse should be deionised water.

Rinse Bottle

Features Uses
Made of transparent, flexible plastic Easy to control the rate of water flow
Fine spout
  • Easy to direct flow of water onto work piece – good for rinsing small items and details on larger items
  • Very useful for topping up solution in Plating Beaker lost through evaporation


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