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For  pen plating of small items and selective gold, silver and rhodium plating on larger objects. Please note that a power source (rectifier) is require for this. We recommend the Economy Plating Rectifier or the LED Pen Plating Rectifier.

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Selective gold plating a silver ring with our plating pen. The efficiency of our in-house designed and manufactured pens is down to the titanium core and platinum tip, two features that guarantee maximum plating performance. For a step-by-step project on selective gold pen plating please click HERE for our Electroplating Manual

Product Details

Features Used for
Can be used with both the Power Rectifier and the LED Pen Rectifier
  • Plating smaller, one off-items such as pen nibs or electrical connectors
  • Selective gold and silver plating
  • Filling in smaller areas of plating on large items that are inaccessible to larger electrodes


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For a guide on how to use our Plating Pen, please see our Electroplating Manual by clicking HERE.

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      Certain small items, for example Swabs, Nibs and Plating Pens can be sent by normal post within the UK.
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        • Free UK mainland delivery available on orders over £100
        • International orders usually 3-5 working days.
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Plating Pen £38.76 Stock: 11


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