Rod Electrode for 1 Litre Beaker

Rod Electrode for 1 Litre Beaker

Designed to be mounted in our Electrode Ring for our copper electroforming process. Normally two Rod Electrodes are used for the 1 Litre Beaker.
This electrode is especially useful for copper electroforming
One of the main sources of  particulate contamination, which cause both dullness and roughness, is particulate contamination from using copper electrodes.
Using our Rod Electrodes with anode bags eliminates this source of contamination.

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To assemble the Rod Electrodes in preparation for electroforming, screw them into our Electrode Ring and then slip on two of our Anode Bags. To position the rod electrodes and anode bags correctly in the beaker, make sure that the anode bag is touching the bottom of the beaker and that the top of the anode bag isn’t touching the electrode ring. If you want to use our 2 Litre beaker, you’ll need four of these electrodes and four of our 2 litre anode bags.

example usage 2

Our Rod Electrodes represent a unique approach to copper electroforming. Using these electrodes means our process is completely controllable and reliable. Indeed, the ‘throwing’ power of our copper electroforming solution increases the more it is used, as demonstrated with the way it has successfully electroformed into the recesses of this miniature cypress cone.

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Rod Electrode for 1 Litre Beaker £28.06 Stock: 4


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