Silver Tank Brightener-HS

Silver Tank Brightener-HS

Our Silver Tank Brightener HS keeps your Silver Tank Plating Solution HS bright and working at optimum efficiency. To work out how much to add to your bath, please click HERE to use our Silver Tank Plating Calculator HS.

Silver Tank Brightener-HS 100ml £19.34 Stock: 20
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Product Details

Regular additions of brightener are necessary to maintain the visual appearance of the silver plate. More information on this product can be found in our online manual and under the Tech Specs tab on this page.

Tech Specs

Operating Conditions

Brightener concentration 80 – 160ml/l (see notes)
Brightener addition rate 0.0056 ml per amp second (see notes)
Shelf life 2 – 3 years
Health and safety classification Irritant (eye)
Special considerations None
Transport (UN number) None: Not classified as dangerous for transport



  • Silver Tank Plating Solution HS is sold with Silver Tank Brightener -HS included.
  • Brightener additions can be determined using our online calculator by clicking Here
  • Please contact us for information on the method of analysis for Silver Tank Brightener HS.
  • Under addition can result in a whitening of the deposit starting in low current density areas.
  • Over addition can result in embrittlement resulting in peeling/flaking of the deposit.



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Silver Tank Brightener-HS 100ml £19.34 Stock: 20
Silver Tank Brightener-HS 250ml £30.02 Stock: 4


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