Solids Recovery

Solids Recovery

Solids Recovery can be used to restore Conductive Ink (hi-grade) Airbrush Version to its original state, even it it has formed a thick gel. It is supplied in a dropper bottle so just add it drop-by-drop to the thickened ink. To see the estimated amount of what you will need and guidance on use, please read the Tech Specs tab below.

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example usage 1

How to use our Solids Recovery Part 1

To find out how many drops of our Solids Recovery to add, please see the next tab along – Tech Specs. Once you have found out how many drops you need, add these one by one to your ink.

example usage 2

How to use our Solids Recovery Part 2

After adding the necessary amount of Solids Recovery to the Ink, replace the lid and give the bottle a thorough shake.

Tech Specs

Operating Conditions and Safety Data

To restore Conductive Ink (hi-grade) to original condition:

Weight of Ink
Drops to restore Ink from Gel
1 – 2
Try 1 first. If not thin enough, add another drop
6 -7
Try 6 first. If not thin enough add another drop



  • If ink is still liquid but is still too thick to pass through an airbrush, use half of the recommended amounts above.


Other data

Odour Punjent
Special storage requirements Away from sunlight
Shelf life 1 – 2 years
Health and Safety classification Harmful
Special considerations Contains potassium cyanide (0.15%)
Transport (UN number) None: Not classified as dangerous for transport



Read Manual

To see how to use Solids Recovery, please click HERE.

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Solids Recovery 25ml £6.08 Stock: 9


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Desired thickness in microns:

Volume of solution required (ml):

Swab type:

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