Titanium Pen Anodising Solution

Titanium Pen Anodising Solution

Our titanium pen anodising solution has been designed to produce hard coatings in a range of pure, iridescent colours, depending on the voltage applied.

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Tech Specs

Operating Conditions and Deposit Data

Voltage range 12 – 32 (see notes)
Thickness (microns) 0.03 (brown), 0.06 (purple), 0.9 blue
Temperature 15 – 30°C
Process time Until desired colour is achieved
Agitation Not necessary
Electrode Platinum Pen Electrode, Carbon Pen Electrode
Hardness of deposit 5.5 – 6.0 (Mohs’ hardness)
Special storage requirements None
Shelf life 2 – 5 years
Health and Safety classification Non-hazardous
Transport (UN number) N/A




  • Our MF Rectifier covers the voltage range from 0 – 30 volts; the voltage required to produce brown, purple and blue. For a more complete colour range including gold and irridescent green, a higher voltage rectifier will be required. Due to heath and safety concerns, we are not prepared to supply rectifiers delivering over 30 volts.


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Titanium Pen Anodising Solution £8.68 Stock: 10


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