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Gold Plating Solution

gold plating solution

We manufacture and sell top quality gold plating solution and gold plating kit to entrepreneurs and industry. Specialising in gold plating solutions, we also sell silver plating solutions and many other finishes for brush plating, pen plating and small tank plating. Brush and pen plating is ideal for small scale gold plating, as it’s a way of electroplating outside of a tank and is a relatively easy skill to master.

This makes it ideal for people wishing to take control of their own gold plating and avoid the expense of sending their work off to be gold plated.

Typically our top selling standard Gold Plating Solution contains 8 grams of gold per litre and our High Speed Gold Plating Solution contains 12 grams of gold per litre. We can guarantee these consistently high standards, as most of our plating solutions are designed and made by Richard Palmer, the founder of Spa Plating. Our top priority is that you achieve excellent gold plating results, no matter what you are plating. We work towards this by selling high quality, fully tested products and provide full technical support with our fully illustrated Electroplating Manual our Training Videos and our Plating Calculators.

Our Gold Plating Kit, when used with our on-line Gold Tank Plating Calculator, means you’re now in complete control of the gold plating process.
Plating to vermeil standard requires a layer of gold of at least 2.5 microns on sterling silver and our kit will help you plate to these kinds of specific and substantial thicknesses of gold.
You’ll not only be confident that the layer of gold you’ve plated is of a uniform thickness, you’ll also know how much gold is left in your remaining plating solution and therefore how long it will take to plate your next item to the same or a different specification.
Our kit also offers you the flexibility of plating larger objects in our 500ml, 1 and 2 litre capacity Plating Beakers.

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