Black Ruthenium Tank Plating on Sterling Silver

Black Ruthenium Tank Plating on Sterling Silver

Our Black Ruthenium Tank Plating Solution plates a dense black layer on sterling silver and 18kt gold. The photograph to the right shows a sterling silver pendant that has been plated with our black ruthenium plating solution.
Please note: The Rectifier shown in this project has now been discontinued and replaced by the MF Rectifier Mk II.

1. Setting up your equipment

Lay out the items in your kit and connect them up as shown in the video. The kit for black ruthenium tank plating is very similar to that used for rhodium tank plating, which can be purchased HERE on our on-line shop. Use the Black Ruthenium Tank Plating Calculator HERE to establish the amp setting and plating time. Information on how to set the amps on the Tank Plating Rectifier can be found by following the instructions on rhodium tank plating in our Electroplating Manual, which again can be found HERE. Just under the picture to the right is a link to our video for ruthenium tank plating.

2. Preparing the Black Ruthenium Plating Solution

Adjust the heat setting on the hotplate stirrer and bring the solution up to its operating temperature of 60 – 70 centigrade. Keep the agitating setting on low during the heating up period. Check the temperature of your solution at regular intervals using the temperature probe.

3. Preparing the surface of your work

To prepare the surface of your work, clean first with liquid detergent and rinse thoroughly under running water until all traces of the detergent have gone. A rub with MPU may be necessary if there is any tarnish remaining on your work.

4. Electrocleaning

Electroclean your work by immersing it in the Cleaner tank for a minute and rinsing twice through the two rinse beakers.


5. Black ruthenium plating

Set the plating time according to the result on the black ruthenium tank plating calculator, take a final temperature check of the solution and then turn on the tank plating rectifier. Increase the agitation to a high setting and, with the amp switch on the down setting, lower the work as quickly as possible into the black ruthenium solution. Turn on the plating timer.

6. Finishing

Once the time has finished, turn off the rectifier and lift your work out. Use the rinse bottle to rinse any solution back into the plating tank and then pass it through the two rinse beakers, using the deionised water rinse bottle again on the second rinse beaker.

Your will will be plated in a dense black layer of black ruthenium.

We recommend that after use, the ruthenium plating solution is returned to its storage bottle in order to prolong the life of the mesh anode.

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