Fitting our Expansion Box

How to fit our Expansion Box for hassle free brush plating

To get the most out of your expansion box we recommend you fit it permanently to the underside of your bench. You’ll then be able to move seamlessly from one plating stage to the next, without having your leads trailing over your plating trays. Instead, they’ll be neatly stored under your bench and because the box is fixed at waist height, reaching the switch to reverse the current for chrome stripping will also be much easier.

Expansion Box in detail

Our Expansion Boxes allow you to change from strip to plate at the flick of a switch – no more swapping over leads at the rectifier! As well as this, the flashing red light helps you to avoid damaging your work by warning you that you‘re in stripping mode. This avoids one of the most common mistakes in brush plating, where the operator starts the electro-activation/cleaning stage with the electrical current flowing in the wrong direction because they’ve forgotten to reverse the current.

Expansion Box fitted under bench

In this photograph you can see the Expansion Box fitted under the workbench. This makes the whole process of managing the multistage process of brush plating much smoother and easier to carry out.

The Expansion Box fitted under the bench

Fitting instructions for the Expansion Box

1. Disassembling the expansion box

To fix your expansion box to your bench, you’ll first have to take the front plate off. Just remove the four screws from the corners of the front plate with a phillips screwdriver.

Here’s how the box should look when you’ve taken it apart.

2. Marking the position of the drill holes

To fix the expansion box to the bench, you’ll need to use screws. In this case we want to attach the box to the underside of the bench top, so the drill holes should go on the top of the box.

3. Drilling the holes

When drilling the holes, try to make sure you’re supporting the box on an even surface.

4. Attaching the box

Position the box carefully and fix to the underside of the bench.

5. Reassembling the Expansion Box

Put all of the contents back in and replace the screws.

6. Connected Expansion Box

The Expansion Box is now connected to the full set of wands and the rectifier, showing just how useful the box is in organising your work area. If you want to place the rectifier at any distance from the Expansion Box, you’ll need to fit a couple of our extension leads, which you can get from our website.

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