How to mix our Black Chrome Plating Solution

Mixing Black Chrome Plating Solution

Our Black Chrome Plating Solution comes in two parts, A and B and should be mixed at a room temperature of no less than 25 degrees centigrade.
Once you have mixed the amount you need, allow the freshly mixed solution to stand for a minimum of 3-4 hours and preferably overnight, before you start plating.
Use within 5 days.
This guide shows you how to prepare 20ml of black chrome plating solution.
The image to the right shows a bathroom mixer tap that has been black chrome brush plated using our solution.

2. Measuring Black Chrome Part A

Start off by pouring 10ml of Black Chrome Plating Solution Part A into the measure.

3. Solution into beaker

Pour the measured solution into the beaker.

4. Measuring out the Black Chrome Solution Part B

Measure out 10ml of Black Chrome Solution Part B and add to the beaker.


5. Allowing black chrome plating solution to stand

Replace the lid on the beaker and allow the mixture to stand at room temperature (no less than 25 degrees centigrade) for 3-4 hours or for best results, overnight.

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