How to prepare white bronze plating solution

Preparing white bronze plating solution with our Bronze Mixer and our Copper Brush Plating Solution

White bronze plating solution has a wide variety of uses. For example it can be used as an allergy-free substitute for a nickel barrier layer or as a non-tarnish alternative to silver.
To make white bronze plating solution, you mix Copper Brush Plating Solution with Bronze Mixer at a ratio of 1:2
So, if you are using 10ml of Copper Brush Plating Solution you’ll need 20ml of Bronze Mixer.
Leave at room temperature for 15 minutes before use.
Plate at 3-3.5v

1. What you need to prepare white bronze plating solution

Plating solutions; Bronze Mixer, Copper Brush Plating Solution Equipment; Mixing kit, Drip Tray to stand the bottles in is a good idea, to catch any drips

2. Measuring out Copper Brush Plating Solution

Measure out the amount of Copper Brush Plating Solution you need; in this example, 10ml is being poured out.

3. Copper Brush Plating Solution into beaker

Pour the measured copper solution into your beaker.

4. Measuring out the Bronze Mixer

Measure out the correct amount of Bronze Mixer. In this case it’s 20ml.


5. Final mix

Add the measured amount of the Bronze Mixer to the copper solution in the beaker and give it a brief stir. The solution should be left ot stand for 15 minutes before using.

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