Setting up your Battery Operated Plating Pen from new.

Setting up your Battery Operated Plating Pen for the first time.

Our Battery Operated Plating Pen Kit comes with all of the items you need to get started gold and silver pen plating a wide range of small items. The pen is shipped with the batteries separate to the pen, so you'll need to insert them in the right order to get plating. Below is a guide to help you set up your pen correctly, so that you get the best plating results right from the start.

1. Setting up your pen from new

Your pen will arrive with the three necessary batteries separate to the pen.

2. Unscrewing the battery cover

To insert the three batteries, unscrew and remove the battery cover.

3. Inserting the batteries

Put all three batteries in, positive end (plus sign +) first.

4. Repacing battery cover

Screw the battery cover back on.

5. Removing the lid

Remove the lid from the electrode.

6. Inserting a nib

Position one of the nibs, which comes with the Battery Pen Plating Kit, in the end of the electrode.

7. Checking for contact

Make sure that the bottom of the nib is in full contact with the electrode.

8. Gripping conductor strip

Grip the conductor strip in the jaws of the crocodile clip. The pen is now ready for use. For guidance with using your battery pen, please click HERE and for help with maintaining your battery pen once you have started using it, please click HERE.

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