Black Ruthenium Replenisher (UK and EU only)

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Black Ruthenium Replenisher is used to replace the ruthenium which has plated out from the electroplating solution. The ruthenium used can be estimated using our online tank plating calculator. To find out how much Black Ruthenium Replenisher to add, click on the ‘Calculator’ tab above.

Orders outside UK and EU

This plating solution cannot be purchased and shipped outside the UK and the EU because it’s part of our range of plating solutions which are regulated for transport.


HS Code: 3824 99 70

Black Ruthenium Calculator

How to use this calculator :

1. In the first box, enter the thickness that you want to plate to as a fraction of a micron (see notes below).

2. In the second box, enter the surface area of the article in square centimetres (cm2).

3. Click the ‘Calculate’ button.

4. Read off the amp setting for your rectifier, the plating time and the volume of replenisher to add before starting the plating sequence.


  • Do not plate over 0.1 micron when plating on electroplated gold or silver.
  • When plating on 9, 14, 18 karat gold alloys and sterling silver, thicknesses of up to 0.3 micron of black ruthenium are possible.
  • Plating over copper or its alloys (brass) requires a barrier layer of 0.5 micron minimum of nickel then plate in 18 carat gold.
  • The ability to plate in recesses decreases as the amount of blackening agent is increased.
  • Plating rate decreases as the amount of blackening agent is increased.
  • We recommend that after use, the ruthenium plating solution is returned to its storage bottle in order to prolong the life of the mesh anode.

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