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Our Bronze Mixer is designed to be mixed with our Copper Brush Plating Solution to create the three shades of bronze; red, yellow and white.

Use our online plating calculator to find out what volumes you’ll need to mix to create the shade you require.


HS Code: 3824 99 70

This item of cast iron door furniture has been brush plated with bronze plating solution, that’s been created by mixing our bronze mixer with our copper brush plating solution.

A patination will eventually form over the bronze plate, so if you want to preserve the shade of freshly cast bronze, you will need to apply a layer of clear lacquer.

The bronze mixer can be mixed with our copper brush plating solution in different ratios to create different shades of bronze. From the top; white, yellow and red bronze. Please click on the calculator tab to the right to help guide you in mixing the right ratios to create the required shade.

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Features Used for
When mixed with our Copper Plating Solution to create white bronze, can be used as a replacement for nickel to comply with EU legislation and avoid nickel allergy Plating any items that will be handled or otherwise come into regular contact with the skin, for example jewellery, lighters and musical instruments
Non-tarnish and silver-like in appearance Can be used as a low-cost, tarnish resistant alternative to silver plate for example when repairing musical instruments or up-cycling silver plated antiques
Effective as a barrier layer Can be used for plating on non-conductive surfaces; makes an excellent barrier layer between copper/brass and gold – ideal for plating on non-conductive surfaces
Base coat Plating an excellent undercoat for black chrome and when plating silver onto pewter, Britannia metal or other high-tin alloys.

Mixing ratio;

Please refer to Bronze Mixer Calculator

How to use this calculator

1. In the first box, click on the shade of bronze that you wish to mix.

2. In the second box, choose whether you wish to measure the components for the mixture by volume (V) or by Weight (W).

3. In the third box enter the surface area of the work that you are plating in square centimetres.

4. In the fourth box, enter the thickness that you wish to plate to in microns.

5. In the fifth box, click on the type of swab that you are going to use.

6. Click the 'Calculate' button.

7. Read off the amount of solutions that you need to add either in millilitres or grams and the timeit's going to take.


If the recommended amount of solution is not enough to wet the swab, then the values shown on the calculator will need to be increased in fixed proportion. For example, if the yellow mix showing 5.6g Copper to 1.8g Bronze Mixer is not enough to fully wet the swab, you can add another 5.6g of Copper and 1.8g of Bronze Mixer. If this is not enough, just repeat the previous additions until the swab is fully wetted.

The recommended plating voltage is 4.5 volts. However bronze can be plated between 3.5 and 4.5 volts. At lower voltages, the amount of copper is increased and the colour shifts to red and at higher voltages, the amount of copper is decreased resulting in a colour shift to white. Adjusting the voltage allows fine control of the colour of the plate.

Once mixed, the solution should be used within 20 minutes.

As the solution ages, the content of copper in the plated layer increases.

If there's a colour shift to red when plating in recesses, increase the voltage to 5 volts to counter the colour shift.

The plating times are calculated assuming a flat surface is being plated. If the surface is anything but flat, then plating times will increase. In the case of the article being complex in shape, the plating time may be many more times the plating time quoted.

The minimum surface area for the calculator to work is 10 cm2.

Operating parameters

Voltage range 3.5 – 4.5 volts
Electrode Carbon or Platinum
Alloy consistency (Copper:Tin) From 60:40 – 90:10
Whiteness L* at Cu:Sn 70:30 71 – 73
Mixing ratio Please refer to calculator
Temperature 15 – 25 °C
Plating Rate at (4 volts, carbon electrode) Approx. 3 microns per minute
Hardness In excess of 530 Hv
Average density of deposit 8.15 g/cm3
Stress Medium
Special storage requirements None
Shelf life 1 year
Health and Safety classification Irritant
Special considerations None
Transport (UN number) None: Not classified as dangerous for transport

General guide;

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