Conductive Ink (hi grade) + 3 Pipettes and 5ml Solids Recovery. Store between 2 and 9 °C

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The Conductive Ink (hi grade) is a conductive water-based silver ink for electroplating on non-conductive materials. Can be brushed or airbrushed on. Its ultra-low grain size helps you quickly build shiny layers of metal with no polishing back. This ink is also ideal as a conductive base for bringing out fine detail on electroforms and where the copper coating is relatively thin. A base coat is not usually required if the work piece is non-porous and does not react with the electroforming solution. We recommend storing this product between 2 and 9 degrees centigrade. Price includes complimentary pipettes for dispensing the ink + 5ml of Solids Recovery. View Product Details and Tech Specs tabs on this tabbed panel for more guidance on use.


HS Code: 3824 99 70

This Conductive Ink is ideal for spraying on with an airbrush. Minimum spraying temperature is 20 degrees centigrade. Always shake the bottle well before use. To see how to use this ink for preparing your non-conductive surface, please click HERE to see our Electroplating Manual.

Apply the first coat of Conductive Ink with the Brush for Conductive Ink making sure you brush only in one direction, for example from top to bottom. Paint more ink around the point where the screw makes contact with the ball.

Dry in an oven

Leave in a fan oven at a temperature of 45 – 50 degrees centigrade for three hours.

Apply the second coat of Conductive Ink, brush it on at right angles to the original coat, so that you ‘cross hatch’.

Leave in fan oven at a temperature of 45 – 50 degrees centigrade for three hours. Leave to cool down

If, over time, your Conductive Ink thickens, you can use our Solids Recovery to return it to its more liquid state. To see how to use this product, please click HERE.

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Features Benefits
Contains pure silver in the form of ultra fine grains Consistent, successful results for plating and electroforming on non-conductive material. Will allow a smooth deposit of plated and electroformed gold or silver.
Can be sprayed on using an airbrush or brushed on. Making any non-conductive surface such as plastic, wood, glass or shell conductive and able to be plated with the usual range of different metals.
A little goes a long way Very economic – 1 gram of Conductive Paint will coat a surface area of 250 squared centimetres – roughly the equivalent of 5 golf balls.


Calibrating a fan oven for curing our Conductive Ink

To properly dry the layers of conductive ink for plating on non conductive materials such as plastic and glass, it is necessary to use a correctly calibrated fan oven. This guide will show you the process, using one of out digital Thermometers. Most domestic fan ovens at lower temperatures are innacurate, so checking and marking the desired temperature with a digital thermometer is highly recommended for good ink drying results.

1. Placing the Thermometer probe in the oven

Place the temperature probe in the oven, taking care that it is well into the oven space. Turn on both the temperature dial and the fan to a position half way between 0 and 50.

2. Marking off the correct temperature

Wait for the temperature of the oven to reach between 45-50 degrees centigrade and then mark the position at some point between these temperatures with a marker pen on your dial. You are now set up to use this oven to dry off your layers of conductive ink at the optimum temperature.

Operating Conditions and Deposit Data

Parameter Value
Silver content 38 w/w%
Nozzle pressure 30 – 40 psi
Nozzle size 0.2 – 0.4 mm
Spraying temperature Between 20 and 25 °C
Viscosity at 10s-1 48 cP
pH 5.8- 6.0 pH units
Density 1.60 – 1.65 g/l
Max coverage 350 – 400 cm2/ml of paint
Touch dry time @ 25 °C 4 – 5 hours
Average cured film thickness 1 – 2 microns
Cure time @ 45 °C 3 – 4 hours
Cure time @ 60 °C 2 hours
Cure time @ 80 °C 1 hour
Cure time @ 100 °C 10 minutes
Cure time @ 120 °C 5 minutes
Shelf life at 2 – 9 °C 6 months to 1 year with use of Solids Recovery
Shelf life at 20 °C 1 month
Peel adhesion (cured sample) Pass – Sellotape (90°, peel speed: 5mm/sec)
Weight resistivity 1.4 gΩ/m2
Max Temperature <220 °C
Hardness 65 – 70 (Shore D)


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