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Spa Plating’s unique coulometer helps you achieve more accurate thicknesses of plated layers.

This coulomb counter is easy to set up and read. When you use it with our online plating calculators you can judge in real time the thickness of plate you are depositing. This takes much of the guess work out of plating to specific thicknesses. It also saves you time and money as you avoid over or under plating your item.

Please click on the ‘Videos’ tab to see full operating instructions.

The coulometer ships with the necessary lead and adapter to connect it to your power source.

Our coulometer counts up the coulombs, which relate dirctly to the thickness of electroplate.

The coulometer is really helpful for plating accurate layers of vermeil gold on silver jewellery.

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Operating Conditions and Deposit Data

Power input USB-C DC 100mA
Maximum test current 5 amps DC
Line Regulation Voltage : ≤0.01% +3mV / Current : ≤0.1% +3mA
Coulomb resolution 0.001 coulombs
Amp resolution 0.001 amp


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