Gold Brush Plating Deluxe Kit

You can purchase this kit as it is or if you wish, you can use it as a guide to put together your own bespoke kit. Click on the items in the list to see detailed product information.

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MF Rectifier

£124.16 + VAT

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Gold Brush Plating Solution - 250ml 


Silver Brush Plating Solution - 250ml 


Gold Pen Plating Solution - 25ml 


Nickel Brush Plating Solution - 250ml 


Safe-T-Strip - 250ml 


ActiClean - 250ml 


MPU - 100ml 


Spa Plating Silver and Gold Cloth

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MetaPrep - 200g 


MetaSeal - 200g 


Thickener - 1 Litre 

1 Litre

Expansion Box

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Electrode Handle × 4

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Stainless Steel Electrode × 2

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Carbon Electrode × 3

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Platinum Electrode × 2

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Flat Platinum Electrode

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Flat Swab

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Plating Pen

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Nibs for Plating Pen (Pack of 20 Mixed Nibs)

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Red Lead (1.5 metre) × 3

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Black Lead (1.5 metre)

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Crocodile Clip (long-life)

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Standard Swab – Single × 2

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Extra Fluffy Swab

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S-Type Mini Swab

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Mini Contact Probe

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Measuring Cylinder

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Pipettes - Small 


Pipettes - Medium 


Drip Tray × 3

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Beakers × 3 - Large 


Flat Beaker

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Rinse Bottle

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Conductor Strips - 5 Pack 

5 Pack

Safety Glasses

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Assorted Nitrile Gloves

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This Deluxe Gold Plating Kit for brush plating will set you up for the full range of top quality gold plating and contains everything you need to take on a wide range of plating jobs. The Gold Brush Plating Deluxe Kit includes 250ml of our Gold Plating Solution for brush plating which contains 8 grams of pure 24 carat gold per litre.

The deluxe kit is built around our MF Rectifier. This is a multi-function rectifier and so can be used for brush, pen and tank plating. This kit includes one of our Plating Pens, so you will have the flexibility of being able to pen as well as brush plate. For a guide on how to set up your MF Rectifier for pen plating,please click HERE For our guide on how to set it up for brush plating, please click HERE.

Selective gold brush plating is much quicker and easier with brush plating as it’s often unnecessary to spend time on lengthy masking out. Click HERE to see a guide on gold brush plating in our Electroplating Manual. This kit (or any of our other kits, equipment or solutions) is not suitable for plating on to aluminium or titanium and therefore can’t be used to plate iPhones and other similar products.

Brush plating means you can gold plate items ‘in-situ’, saving time and money. Follow this link to see the project on gold plating bathroom furniture ‘in-situ’ in our Electroplating Manual.

We’ve included one of our  Plating Pens so you can also selectively gold plate details on larger pieces. This greatly reduces the need for extensive masking out and speeds up the plating process. The Conductor Strip provides a larger area for conductivity, making the electrical contact more efficient and also avoids the risk of scratching which may happen by just using the crocodile clip for electrical contact. You can see some of our projects in our Electroplating Manual HERE on the many different applications of pen plating.

The photo shows silver plating a copper sculpture using some of the silver plating solution which is included in the kit. This plating kit also includes one of our popular Flat Platinum Electrodes, a Flat Swab and a Flat Beaker so that you can plate larger areas more quickly and efficiently. We have also included a litre of our Thickener, which gels your plating solution and prevents run off of your solution into the tray. This again, increases the efficiency of plating larger surface areas. Follow this link to our Electroplating Manual to see a project which uses the Flat Platinum Electrode.

A note on our gold plating kits;

Every item in our electroplating kits

  • makes an important contribution to the overall success of the plating process
  • has been thoroughly tested to ensure it performs its job at the highest level in the overall electroplating process
  • is either made in-house or has been carefully sourced from our trusted suppliers

These factors ensure consistent, top quality plating results for a fair price.

Deluxe Gold Brush Plating Kit Contents;

 MF Rectifier 

Features Applications
Can be used for brush, pen and tank platingOutput voltage: 1.0 – 20 volts DCOutput current:0 – 5 amps
All brush plating jobs (including chrome), small to large eg. plating jewellery, sculpture, scientific/medical applications, car badges, mobile phones….When brush or pen plating, turn the amps up full and adjust the voltage to the recommended voltage. For full instructions for setting up your MF Rectifier for brush or pen plating, please see our guide by clicking HERE.


Gold plating kit contents Features Used for/Benefits
Gold & Silver Plating Solution Gold content – 8 grams per litre
Silver – 25 grams of pure silver per litre, cyanide free,
Both made in-house by Spa Plating and fully tested for precious metal content.
Gold and silver plating on most surfaces – transforming a wide range of items, both decorative and functional
(+ White Bronze Mixer = white bronze)
Copper plates fast to create a beautifully lustrous finish.
When combined with our White Bronze Mixer, creates a beautiful shade of white bronze
Copper – base layer for other more expensive plates
White bronze – plating a barrier layer between gold and copper or brass – useful when plating on non-conductive surfaces.
Plating a base layer for plating silver onto pewter or tin, when up-cycling antiques
Silver like non-tarnish finish on silver plated epns, pewter and musical instruments
Platinum, carbon and stainless steel electrodes Platinum electrode, Carbon electrode, Stainless steel Top quality gold and silver plating – no risk of contamination of gold plating solution
Acti-cleaning and chrome platingChrome stripping
Safe-T-Strip Safe chrome stripping to allow gold or silver plating – unique to Spa Plating. Doesn’t produce highly toxic hexavalent chromium bi-products, characterised by yellow stain on swab. Bathroom furniture, car badges, modern furniture
Thickener Powder when added to your plating solution turns it into a gel. Great for plating in-situ eg. bathroom furniture or car parts  – avoid wasting money from your solutions draining away

Assorted Swabs (5 Pack)

Features Benefits
A selection of our most popular swabs Chosen to give you the maximum flexibility to tackle a wide range of plating jobs.Each of the following swabs can be re-used many times – just rinse thoroughly between plating stages.Can be used with most of our plating solutions apart from rhodium and platinum, which need our S-Type Swabs
Standard Swab x 3 – close stitched and a double layer of absorbent material Holds just the right amount of plating solution, which reduces wastage and saves time. Suitable for most medium sized plating jobs.
Small Swab x 1 – a single layer of material, rather than double Ideal for plating into smaller areas
Short Swab x 1 – half the length of the Standard Swab Ideal for small, one off plating jobs such as rings, where only a small amount of gold plating solution is required. Its reduced size means far less solution is absorbed into the swab, so it’s more economical.
Extra Fluffy Swab x 1 – Soft, fluffy surface with a higher absorbency than standard swabs Its cushioned texture means it’s ideal for highly irregular surfaces, for example the  repoussed or chased surfaces of antique silver plate – it delivers the plating solution into the depressions more efficiently.Great for plating on plastics and other non-metal surfaces as it builds the copper layer more quickly (it holds more plating solution which means less dipping is needed).Its softness means a gentle plating of copper onto the delicate layer of conductive silver ink.

 Plating Pen

Features Used for
Removable platinum electrode which means the pen can be cleaned efficiently. Comes with a range of dicfferent electrodes, depending on which pen plating solution you’re using. For see the full range, please click HERE.
  • Plating smaller, one off-items such as pen nibs or electrical connectors
  • Selective gold and silver plating
  • Filling in smaller areas of plating on large items that are inaccessible to larger electrodes

Conductor Strips

Features Used for
Greatly increases surface contact and therefore conductivity with work Significantly increases plating speeds
Eliminates making burn marks and scratches caused by using crocodile clip by itself Making contact with work on any part of surface you’re plating – whether visible or not
Gentle way of making electrical contact with surface of your work Essential for plating on Conductive Ink (hi-grade) – doesn’t damage its delicate surface

Flat Platinum Electrode

Features Used for
Electrode area: 4cm x 4cm Ideal for fast gold plating of large un-contoured areas

 Plating Pen

Features Used for
Can be used with both the Power Rectifier and the LED Pen Rectifier
  • Plating smaller, one off-items such as pen nibs or electrical connectors
  • Selective gold and silver plating
  • Filling in smaller areas of plating on large items that are inaccessible to larger electrodes


Surface preparation/finishing compounds

MetaPrep Contains a highly efficient cleaning agentContains a polishing agent Removing the most stubborn of silicone and hardened waxes, particularly after mechanical polishing. Helps to brighten the surface of your work.
For a full description and advice on polishing, please see our manual.
MPU One stage cleaning and activating product
Can be used during the plating process without having to re-electroclean and activate
For cleaning and activating in one stage, can replace the ActiClean stage – saves time and money
Clearing burns or other marks produced during plating – all you have to do is rinse and carry on plating
MetaSeal Non-abrasiveSpecial formulation Bringing out the final lustre of your work and cuts out the hard work associated with final finishing
Seals in the shine and slows tarnishing



Features Used for
Dual purpose preparation solution Instantly removes the strong oxide layer that quickly builds on stainless steel, nickel and its alloys
A very effective final stage cleaner Ideal for cleaning and activating large surface areas and surfaces with deep recesses
Combines activation and electrocleaning in one stage Speeds up the plating process by streamlining the stages


Measuring Cylinder


Features Applications
Graduated up to 25ml in 1ml degrees for measuring out the Copper Plating Solution in preparation for mixing with White Bronze Mixer to create white bronze which is used as a barrier layer between brass/copper and gold.  


Features Applications
Measures out small volumes of solutions Used for measuring out White Bronze Mixer for making white bronze and transferring small quantities of gold pen plating solution from the bottle to the beaker.

Setting up your MF Rectifier for Brush Plating

This rectifier can be used for tank, brush and pen plating. Here is a quick guide to setting it up for brush plating.

1. Your equipment

Assemble your equipment as shown in the photo:

2. Turning on your rectifier

Use the switch on the back of the rectifier to turn it on.

3. Attaching the leads

Fit the crocodile clip to the end of the black lead and plug the other end into the corresponding black socket on the front of the rectifier. Plug in the red lead into the corresponding red socket.

4. Amps and volts

Turn the amps dial clockwise to the stop (maximum) and the volts to the value required by the brush plating solution.

Note: Even though the amps dial is set to maximum, the amps meter will read ‘0.00’.

The amp meter will not read anything until plating commences.

The volts will however be displayed.

5. Open the circuit

Open the circuit (or turn the circuit off) by switching the Output switch so that the line is in the up position.

6. Set the voltage

Set the voltage to about 3.5

7. Connecting the black lead to the red lead

Using the crocodile clip on the end of the black lead, connect the black to the red lead.

8. Close the circuit

Close the circuit.

9. Adjusting the amps

Adjust the amps to about 4.5 to 5 amps.

NB. This stage sets the maximum amps to prevent damage to the work piece should the bare electrode accidentally come in contact with the work directly.

10. Open circuit

Open the circuit again.

11. Connecting the electrode

Unclip the crocodile clip from the end of the red lead.

Connect the electrode handle to the end of the red lead and attach the swab to the electrode.

12. Selecting the voltage

Select the correct voltage range for your brush plating solution.

13. Closing circuit for plating

Now close the circuit and you’re ready to start plating.

Brush Calculator

General guide;

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