Mixing Kit for Coloured Golds, Bronze and PP Copper – Brush/Pen

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Measuring Cylinder

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Beakers - Large 


Pipettes - Small 


Pipettes - Medium 



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Save money by mixing the exact amount of mixer to plating solution for coloured gold, bronze and PP Stabiliser Powder.

The 3ml pipette and beaker being used to accurately measure out and mix our White Bronze Mixer and Copper Plating Solution. The same kit can be used to prepare our Rose, White and Green Gold Mixers as well as our Black Chrome Brush Plating Solution. For guidance on how to prepare our Coloured Metal Mixers, please click HERE to see our Electroplating Manual

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Key Kit Contents Features Used For
Measuring Cylinder Graduated to 25ml in 0.5ml stages Measuring larger amounts of solutions to the nearest 0.5ml
Pipette x 3 1x 1ml and 2x 3ml Accurately measuring very small amounts of solutions by the drop
Spatula Stainless steel – easily cleaned For measuring PP Stabiliser Powder

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