Rhodium Brush Plating Solution (UK and EU only)

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Our rhodium brush plating solution plates bright and white. One of the reasons for this is that it is free from additives whose breakdown products can cause darkening of the plate and reduced shelf life.

This solution has an extra long shelf life of over 5 years.

You will need to use our S-Type Swabs with this solution, which can be purchase by clicking on the link in the ‘Related Products’ section below this panel.

Rhodium concentration: 10 grams per litre.

Orders outside UK and EU

This plating solution cannot be purchased and shipped outside the UK and the EU because it’s part of our range of plating solutions that are regulated for transport.

A suitable substitute for this product may be our Palladium Brush Plating Solution, which can be purchased and shipped outside the UK and the EU. This alternative product can be viewed by clicking on the link in the ‘Related Products’ section below this panel.


HS Code: 3824 99 70

Plating Solution Features Used for Method
  • Highly reflective and corrosion resistant, lustrous appearance
  • Hardest precious metal
  • 10g of rhodium per litre
  • Plating over white gold alloy (typically 75% gold with balance palladium, platinum or silver) to give a brilliant finish
  • Non-tarnish coating for silver
  • Plate at no lower than 25 degrees centigrade.
  • If plating on to base metals and sterling silver, plate a barrier layer of palladium. Use either a carbon electrode or preferably, a platinum electrode.


Brush Calculator

Operating Parameters and Deposit Data

Voltage Range 3.0 – 4.0 volts
Temperature Above 20 °C
Rhodium Concentration 10 g/l
Electrode Carbon or Platinum with S-Type or S-Type Mini swab
Rhodium content in plate 99.9% (balance carbon, nitrogen)
Lightness (L*) of deposit 80 – 85
Plating Rate at (3.5 volts, carbon electrode) 0.5 micron per minute at 25 °C
Hardness 980 – 1000 Hv
Density of deposit 11.82 g/cm3
Stress Highly stressed
Special storage requirements None
Shelf life Over 5 years
Health and Safety classification Irritant
Special considerations None
Transport (UN number) 2796

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