Rhodium Tank Plating Starter Kit (UK and EU only) – 500ml

You can purchase this kit as it is or if you wish, you can use it as a guide to put together your own bespoke kit. Click on the items in the list to see detailed product information.

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MF Rectifier

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Rhodium Tank Plating Solution (UK and EU only) - 500ml 


Red Lead Short (0.25 metre)

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Red Lead Medium (0.5 metre)

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Black Lead (1.5 metre)

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Crocodile Clip (long-life) × 4

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Plating Beaker - 500ml 


Beaker Lid × 2 - 500ml 


Mesh Electrode - 500ml 


Stainless Mesh Electrode (For Cleaning Only) - 500ml 


Plating Timer

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Gold Plated Jigging Wire

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Wire Cutters

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MPU Fine - 100ml 


Cleaner - 500ml 


Rinse Beaker × 3 - 500ml 


Safety Glasses

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Assorted Nitrile Gloves

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Rhodium Tank Replenisher (UK and EU only) - 25ml 


Pipettes - Small 


Pipettes - Medium 



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A stripped-down version of our full Rhodium Tank Plating Kit. As with our full kit, it plates bright white layers of rhodium on white gold wedding rings.

This Rhodium Tank Plating Starter Kit 500ml also comes in 250ml, 1 & 2 Litre versions. Links to these can be found below in the ‘Related Products’ section.

Orders outside UK and EU

This kit cannot be purchased and shipped outside the UK and the EU because it includes our Rhodium Tank Plating Solution, one of our range of plating solutions that are regulated for transport.

If you are outside the UK and the EU then you should consider purchasing our Palladium Tank Plating Kit instead, as palladium is a good alternative to rhodium. Please see the ‘Related Products’ section below this tabbed panel for the relevant product links.

This is the 500ml version of the plating kit which also comes in 250ml, 1 and 2 litre versions. Links to these kits can be found in the ‘Related Products’ section below.

Our rhodium tank starter kit contains only the essential items you need to get started with small rhodium plating jobs. It’s designed to be used with the dipping method and at ideally 18-22 degrees centigrade. To purchase the rhodium tank plating solution, please HERE.

MF Rectifier

Features Benefits
Current can be set at start of plating process and will remain set at that level throughout No need to check and adjust the setting once plating has started.
Can be adjusted for use with brush plating Allows you to use the brush plating process as a compliment to the tank plating process, which allows for greater flexibility. For guidance on setting it up for pen or brush plating, please click HERE
Features Applications
Stepped voltage controlled via a selector switch enabling a range from 3 up to 12 volts. Maximum current is 3.0 amps. Perfect for small, one-off silver and gold plating jobs. Not suitable for tank/beaker plating
Fully electrically grounded No ‘touch shock’ when using in countries outside the EU or North America.


Glass Plating Beaker

Comes in 250ml, 500ml and
1litre sizes. With the Mesh Electrodes inserted, the internal dimensions of each size beaker are as follows; 250ml; Height – 7cm, Diameter – 6cm 500ml; H – 10cm, D; 8cm 1Lt; H;13cm, D;8cmPlate different sized objects individually or in small batches, from rings to trophies.

Mesh Electrode

Features Benefits
Made of pyrex glass
  • Items being plated can be seen throughout plating process.
  • No staining from plating solution over time.
Features Benefits
Made from MMO
(mixed metal oxides)
  • Unlike others made of stainless steel, will not contaminate gold plating solution
  • Cheaper alternative to platinized titanium

Rhodium tank plating on silver jewellery

With our Rhodium Tank Plating Kit, you’ll be able to rhodium plate items of silver or white gold jewellery to specific thicknesses with ease.
We’ve designed the process so that you can pre-programme in the rectifier settings before you start plating. This means that once you start plating you don’t have to adjust the equipment, leaving you free to let the plating get on with itself.
To work out the amp level, multiply the surface area of your work by the plating factor for rhodium, which is 0.02
In this case, we estimated that the surface of the ring was 4.5 cm2
The calculation is therefore 0.02 x 4.5 = 0.09 amps, so the amp setting on the large rectifier needs to be set at 0.09 amp.

1. Setting up your Rhodium Tank Plating Kit

Set up the Rhodium Tank Plating Kit as shown. Turn on the Hot Plate Stirrer and bring the temperature of the solution up to 38-42 degrees centigrade and set the stirring function to minimum.

Please be aware that our Rhodium Tank Plating Solution can only be shipped within the UK and the EU. If you want to order from outside these areas, you might consider ordering our Palladium Tank Plating Kit as palladium plates with a similar whiteness to rhodium and can be shipped anywhere in the world.

2. Connecting the Black Leads

Black leads x 2 (one short, one long) Plug the short black lead into the black socket on the Economy Plating Rectifier and then plug the other end into the black socket on the large rectifier. Take the longer black lead and ‘stack’ it by plugging one end into the back of the black lead you’ve just plugged into the large rectifier. Plug the other end into the socket at the base of the Plating Stand.


3. Connecting the Red Leads

Red leads x2 (one short, one long) Plug the short red lead into the red socket on the Economy Plating Rectifier and then fix a crocodile clip to the other end of the lead and clip it to the mesh on cleaner beaker. Plug the long red lead into the red socket on the large rectifier and clip the other end to the mesh on the rhodium beaker.

4. Pre-setting the amps. a) Adjusting the voltage on the Tank Plating Rectifier

Make sure output is off (open). Adjust volts to within a range of 3-3.4

Pre-setting the amps. b) Shorting out

Short out the circuit by attaching the red lead to the plating arm.

Pre-setting the amps. c) Turning on output

Return to the Tank Plating Rectifier and turn on the output.

Pre-setting the amps. d) Setting amp level

Adjust amps to desired level (in this case 0.09).

Pre-setting the amps. e) Turning off output.

Turn off the output.

Pre-setting the amps. f) Connecting red lead to rhodium beaker

Re-connect the red lead to the mesh electrode on the rhodium plating beaker.

Pre-setting the amps. g) Adjusting voltage cleaning

Adjust the voltage on the small rectifier for the cleaner stage to 4.5

5. Power Cleaning

Place the ring in the Cleaner and touch the jigging wire (which is holding the ring) against the crocodile clip. Almost immediately you’ll see bubbles forming, meaning that the Cleaner is getting to work. Leave your work in the Cleaner for 15-30 seconds and you will have a perfectly clean, water-break free surface which is ideal for plating. Once it is clean take it out and dip it in the first and second rinse beakers to thoroughly rinse off the Cleaner. Please see our previous project, ‘Gold Plating a Ring to Vermeil Standard’ for further information on this stage.

6. Rhodium plating

Hang your ring in the rhodium plating solution (check that the solution is at the optimum temperature) and then turn the output to on as soon as possible.

7. Final rinse stages

Once the plating time is up, turn the output on the rectifier to off and pass the ring through the last two rinse stages.

8. Finished ring

The ring needs no further finishing as our system deposits a durable layer of rhodium that can be easily maintained for many years.

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