Stainless Steel Activator for Brush Plating

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This stainless steel activator for brush plating will help you plate on difficult to plate grades of stainless steel. Examples of these include the non-corrosive and passive ones; these can be difficult to plate even if you are using our surface preparation process with MPU.

However there are some stainless steel alloys that are very passive. In this situation we suggest using our Gold Strike Brush and Tank.

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Here is an example a successful sellotape test. It shows how well this activator helps you to plate on a range of difficult to plate stainless steel alloys by making your plated layers adhere to the surface of your item.

1. We masked out a small area of the spoon handle by sticking on a small piece of sellotape.

2. We then plated the whole of the spoon handle with our stainless steel activator.

3. We stuck a strip of sellotape over the whole of the handle and then pulled it away.

4. The gap is where the copper couldn’t stick to the underlying steel of the handle because there wasn’t any stainless steel activator underneath.

Please see a video of this process by clicking the blue ‘Video’ tab above.

Operating Conditions and Deposit Data

Voltage 3.0 – 5 (see note 1 and 2)
Electrode Nickel or Carbon
Temperature 12 – 25 °C
Shelf life Up to 1 year
Special storage requirements None
Health and Safety classification Harmful
Special considerations Can cause irritation and skin sensitisation
Transport (UN number) Not classified as dangerous for transport


  1. Using nickel electrodes is strongly advised as this eliminates the risk of production of chlorine gas.
  2. Higher voltages may be useful when treating difficult-to-plate stainless alloys.
  3. We do not advise the use of platinum electrodes as this could sevelely reduce the operational life of the platinum coating.


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