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  • Choose a gold plating kit that’s right for you…

    Choose a gold plating kit that’s right for you…

    Browse our wide range of gold and silver plating kits. Our kits are fully customisable - you only have to buy what you need!

  • Gold Plating Solutions

    Gold Plating Solutions

    Our High Speed Gold Plating Solution contains 12 grams of pure gold per litre, so it builds up a thicker layer – faster. Choose from a wide range of plating solutions with a guaranteed and clearly stated precious metal content.

  • How to gold plate

    How to gold plate

    Find out how to gold plate, silver plate and more with our video tutorials and electroplating manual. Just go to our Electroplating Support section...

  • Gold plating for businesses

    Gold plating for businesses

    Are you in business and thinking about doing your own gold or silver plating? Or perhaps setting up your own plating service? We've got everything you need for success.


Which gold plating kit would be best for me?

Which gold plating kit would be best for me?

Whatever the plating job, whether large or small, onto metal or non-conductive surfaces, we’ve got the just the kit that will finish the task to your exacting requirements. At Spa Plating we produce plating equipment and solutions for all three methods of plating; pen, brush and tank plating. Our range of Pen Plating Kits are very popular with customers who need to gold or silver plate small items, for example

  • jewellers
  • pcb manufacturers
  • dental laboratories
Our Brush Plating Kits sell very well to customers who want to plate larger items or items in situ, such as silver antiques or luxury yacht fittings. These can include
  • entrepreneurs wanting to start their own plating company
  • model makers
  • aerospace engineering companies
Customers for our Tank Plating Kits need to plate to exact and substantial specifications and would include jewellers wanting to plate gold vermeil or those needing to plate complex, irregularly shaped objects.

All the support you need

All the support you need

We provide three main ways of supporting you to achieve electroplating success - please click on the following links to see more;

Our Electroplating Manual

Our Electroplating Video Tutorials

Our Electroplating Calculators

Made in the UK

Made in the UK

We are proud to say that most of our electroplating solutions and equipment is made by us at Spa Plating. Visit our Quality Assured page to find out more.