Jig Holder for Plating Beaker

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This Jig Holder holds your item securely in the tank plating solution. It is easy to clean and position over your Plating Beaker. Ideal for one-off tank plating of individual items. Completely disassembles for easy storage.

We recommend you also buy some of our long lasting Silicone Bands as these will help to safely keep you jig holder in place.

Available for our 250ml, 500ml and 1 litre plating beakers. We don’t supply a separate 2 litre size jig holder as the 1 litre jig hold will also fit our 2 litre plating beaker.

Please click on the blue tabs above marked ‘Examples’ and ‘Videos’ to see how to set it up.

The Jig Holder is designed to work with our beaker plating system. It holds individual items securely in the plating solution and takes up vey little room.

Here is a photograph showing the jig holder being used to hold the work ready for electrocleaning in one of our plating beakers. Please not we have secured the jig holder with one of our silicone bands. These are heat resistant, chemical resistant and built to last.

2. Positioning the beaker

Position the beaker over the jig holder ring and slip the ring up the sides of the beaker.

3. Attaching the jig holder socket

Once you have slid up the jig holder ring to the top of the plating beaker, attach the jig holder socket by sliding it down until it’s firmly attached.

NB: Don’t push it down too firmly as it will stick and be very difficult to remove.

4. Fixing in the black lead

Slip the plug at the end of the black lead into the jig holder socket.

5. Fixing the crocodile clip

Attach the crocodile clip to the plug on the end of the black lead. You will be able to slide the crocodile clip a little in and out of the jig holder socket to position the crocodile clip correctly over the plating solution in the plating beaker.

6. Sliding down jig holder

Hang the item you want to plate from a piece of our gold plated jigging wire and grip it in the crocodile clip.

To position your work in the plating solution, slide the jig holder down the sides of the plating beaker.


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