Battery Voltage Reducer

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This Battery Voltage Reducer allows you to use our range of coloured gold mixing system and cyanide free pen yellow gold plating solutions with our battery powered plating pen.

By replacing one of your AAA batteries with this Battery Voltage Reducer you will reduce the voltage of the remaining 2 batteries to just over 2 volts. This is the best voltage level for these plating solutions.

You should only use new AAA batteries when using these plating solutions and the best choice would be to use Energiser Ultimate Lithium L92 batteries.

The Battery Voltage Reducer replaces one of the batteries in our battery powered plating pen. This reduces the voltage level to just over 2 volts. This means you can use get the best performance out of our coloured metal mixer system of plating solutions and our cyanide free yellow gold pen/brush plating solutions.

Just unscrew the Battery Cover on your battery powered plating pen, remove one of the AAA batteries and slip in our Battery Voltage Reducer with the red part facing forward. Replace the Battery Cover and you’re ready to plate!

You must only use new batteries when plating with our yellow gold cyanide free brush/pen plating solution and we strongly recommend using Energiser Ultimate Lithium L92 batteries.

Here is a photo of our range of yellow gold brush plating solutions lined up for comparison. From left to right; Yellow Gold Brush Plating Solution, Yellow Gold Brush Plating Solution Cyanide Free and Pale Yellow Gold Brush Plating Solution Cyanide Free.
Both our Yellow and Pale Yellow Gold Brush Plating Solution Cyanide Free plates a 22 karat gold layer. For all our cyanide-free golds we recommend a low voltage,  2 – 2.5 volts and this can be achieved with our voltage reducer.

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