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Get complete plating portability with our battery powered plating pen. Ships with 3 x AAA long life batteries included. Ideal for gold plating jewellery and PCBs. This plating pen forms the core product in three of our pen plating kits; the battery powered gold and silver pen plating kit, the battery powered brush and pen plating kit .
Please note the Battery Powered Plating Pen includes the Platinum Pen Electrode but does not include nibs.

This pen includes a crocodile clip protector which should be slipped over the crocodile clip between uses. This prevents the crocodile clip touching the battery pen electrode and running down the batteries while the pen is in storage. Please click on the ‘Examples’ tag for guidance on this.


Our Battery Powered Plating Pen is ideal for adding touches of gold to larger pieces of silver jewellery. For guidance on how much of our Gold Pen Plating Solution you’ll need, please click on the ‘Calculator’ tab for the Gold Pen Plating Calculator.

Between uses, cover the crocodile clip with the crocodile clip protector supplied. This prevents the crocodile clip coming into contact with the pen electrode and running down the batteries.

When the batteries need replacing, we strongly recommend replacing them with good quality batteries.

The batteries are easy to replace, so you don’t have to throw away the unit when the batteries run out and buy a whole new kit. Please use 3 x AA batteries (high quality long life). When inserting your batteries make sure the end of the battery with the small contact goes in first (positive) with the large contact (negative) pressing up against the spring contact. In the photograph you can see one of the batteries being replaced by our Battery Replacer. This reduces the voltage of our Battery Plating Pen to an optimal level for silver pen plating.This item can be purchased individually from our shop or as part of our Battery Powered Gold and Silver Pen Plating Kit by clicking HERE.

The battery operated pen is ideal for both decorative and functional uses. Here it’s being used to gold plate connections on a PCB. To see a project on selective gold plating the steel connectors on a Photomultiplier, please click HERE for our Electroplating Manual.

The battery pen plater can be used to plate our range of coloured golds, such as these rose gold plated sterling silver rings. To see a project on rose gold pen plating, please click HERE for our Electroplating Manual.

The ends of the standard nibs can be trimmed to achieve that perfect fit! Make sure the nib is completely soaked in the plating solution and the nib is fully pushed down into the end of the pen (the anode) so that the base of the nib is in close contact with the anode, forming a full electrically conductive contact.

The Battery Plating Pen can be converted for use with our power sources using the Battery Plating Pen Converter. 

The Spa Plating Battery Powered Plating Pen has been designed so that it can be easily taken apart for cleaning and maintenance. You can also buy all three of its parts for easy replacement.
Click HERE for a replacement Battery Pen Body, Click HERE for a replacement battery cover Click HERE for a replacement electrode assembly.
Click HERE for a link to our guide on how to maintain your battery powered plating pen.

The battery pen has the same exchangeable pen electrodes as our rectifier powered plating pen. This means you can match the pen plating solution you’re using to the most suitable pen electrode. So, if you were going to use our silver pen plating solution, you could swap the platinum pen electrode with our silver pen electrode for top quality silver pen plating.

Our Battery Powered Plating Pen Stand will help you keep your plating pen and all its accessories organised and ready for use. Please see “Related Products’ below for further information.

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Features Benefits
Batteries are easily replaced when they eventually run out. You don’t have to throw the whole pen away and buy a new one.
Long black lead Convenient plating – no need to keep moving the crocodile clip
Platinum coated tip Improved plating performance
Tight fitting top Protects the end of the pen during storage and carrying


Battery powered pen maintenance - help for our old-style pens

By following these simple steps each time you use your Spa Plating battery operated plating pen, you'll ensure its optimum performance and long life.

NB these instructions DO NOT apply to the most recent upgrade to our battery powered plating pens. Guidance for maintaining our current style battery powered pens can be found on the relevant product pages.

1. Procedure for storage after use

Remove the nib from the pen.

2. Battery cover

Loosen the battery cover.

3. Electrode assembly

Unscrew the electrode assembly.

4. Rinsing

Rinse the assembly well, concentrating on the electrode tip.

5. Leave the pen unassembled to dry out. Leave it unassembled until you’re ready to use it again.

Procedure for start up

6. Check the contact on the battery for any possible corrosion. If necessary, clean with a dry, abrasive pad.

7. Check the back plate of the electrode assembly for dirt. If necessary, clean off with an abrasive pad.

8. Screw the electrode assembly back in to the battery holder.

9. Tighten the battery cover (don’t over tighten).

Make sure the nib is fully wetted with the solution and in the case of pointed or paddle nibs, the back of the nibe cantacts with the electrode.

Technical Data

Voltage 3.0 – 5.0 volts (see notes)
Power source 2 or 3 x AAA batteries
Electrode Built in – platinised titanium (see notes)
Tip Point, Paddle. Fibre or Fine Fibre Nib


  • Depending on type of batteries and whether Battery Replacer is used.
  • We recommend that after each use the electrode housing is removed for storage
    as explained by clicking HERE


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