Choosing the right Spa Plating polishing/cleaning compound for your job

A quick reference table for hand polishing and cleaning metal for electroplating

We’ve put together a quick reference guide to help you choose the right cleaning and polishing compound for every stage of the brush plating process. One of the most important stages for successful electroplating is the surface preparation stage and our MPU will be the one you use most often. It is the ultimate all-in-one cleaning and activating compound and helps you to achieve a water-break-free surface.
If the surface of your work is very recessed, or if it is very large, we recommend cleaning and activating with ActiClean.
If the surface you are plating is matt and not highly polished, the final surface will also be matt. Electroplating will not turn a matt surface shiny.

Quick reference table for hand polishing

Name of Polish Degree of Cut, from smallest (*) to greatest (*****) Uses and applications Needs to be cleaned off before plating?
MetaSeal * Seals the surface of items you have plated. Brings out the final lustre on gold plated items. Yes
Spa Plating Silver and Gold Cloth ** Brings out the final lustre on silver plating. Sometimes gold plate can dull off at the edges of your work as your plate; Goddard’s can be used after plating to bring back the shine. Yes
MPU Fine
*** Cleans and activates the surface of work before plating and helps to achieve a water-break-free surface. For more information on achieving this kid of surface please see our guide Surface preparation for electroplating – achieving a water break free surface. MPU contains a fast cutting, non-scratch abrasive that can be used on small, non-recessed areas and can replace the MetaPrep stage.Very useful for cleaning and activating between plating stages.
MPU Fine – great for cleaning and re-activating gold flash layers while plating.
MPU Coarse – ideal for polishing back a plated layer of our PP Copper while plating on non-conductive surfaces.
 MetaPrep  **** Removes traces of polishing compound and is a replacement for solvent if this unavailable. Yes
Autosol  ***** Removes scratches from steel, stainless steel, nickel and other hard metals. Can be used to remove old plate, if necessary. Yes

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