Gold Tank Concentration Calculator

How to use this calculator

After you have been using your Gold Tank Plating Solution for a while, it’s a good idea to estimate how much gold you have left in your solution, if you want to be confident you’re plating the correct thicknesses of gold. This is particularly the case if you’re aiming to plate to a guaranteed thickness such as Vermeil standard (2.5 microns).

Please note: For effective measurement of gold concentration, scales accurate to 1 milligram (0.001g) are required.
The result is accurate to +/- 10% of the true concentration.

1. Weigh your palladium plated test strip accurate to three decimal places and enter the result into the Weight of Concentration Test Strip Before Plating (grams) field.
2. Make sure the agitation is turned off and the solution is still: for accurate results the test strip must be plated with no agitation.
3. Check the solution temperature is within the range 20 – 25 centigrade.
4.Plate your Palladium Plated Test Strip at 0.2 amp for 15 minutes in your Gold Tank Plating Solution.
5.Weigh the plated test strip again and enter the results into the Weight of Concentration Test Strip After Plating (grams) field accruate to three decimal places.
6. Enter in the volume of Gold Tank Plating Solution you are using into the Volume of Tank (ml) field.
7. Press the Calculate button.
8. Read off the estimated gold concentration in the first results box and the volume of Gold Tank Replenisher to add in the second box.
9. The figure in the Addition of Replenisher to restore concentration to 4 grams/litre (ml) field tells you how much how much of our Gold Tank Replenisher you need to add to your Gold Tank Plating Solution to return its original concentration of 4 grams of gold per litre.