How to use our scales

How to use our scales to measure out our Copper Electroforming Replenisher

Our scales are essential for measuring out the correct amount of our Copper Electroforming Replenisher to keep your copper electroforming bath working at its optimum level.
You will need your Copper Electroforming Replenisher, your scales, one of our weighing trays and the spatula.

1. Turning on your scales

Press the On/Off button on your scales firmly for half a second and then release. You should be able to see 0.0 appear on the screen.

2. Checking the reading

Make sure the screen is showing grams (g) and not ounces (oz) or pounds (lb). The small arrow should be pointing down on the ‘g’. If the arrow is pointing towards the ounces or pounds position, use the ‘Mode’ button to toggle the arrow to the grams position.

3. Positioning the weighing tray on the scale

Place the weighing tray on the scales. You should see the scale register about 8g

4. Returning the scales to zero

To measure out the correct amount of Copper Electroforming Replenisher you will need to return your scales to zero whilst the weighing tray is still on the scales. To this end, press the Zero button briefly but firmly and the scales will return to zero.

You are now ready to use your spatula to weigh out the right amount of Copper Electroforming Replenisher.

5. Turning off your scales

Make sure to turn off your scale by briefly but firmly pressing the On/Off button until the screen goes dark.

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