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Carbon Powder is used, with our filter kit, to treat old plating solutions or solutions which have become contaminated by oils, fatty substances or the accidental over addition of brighteners.


HS Code: 3824 99 70

Carbon Powder is very useful for selectively removing organic contaminants from plating solutions while not removing the metal such as silver or copper.
It comes in pack sizes specific to the volume of solution being treated and the amount to use is covered in Tech Specs.

How much to use

Volume of solution Weight of Carbon Powder to add
250ml 1g
500ml 2g
1 litre 4g
2 litres 8g


What you’ll need;

Clean plating beaker, stirring bar and hotplate stirrer, filter kit, spatula.

Carbon purification is best done in a separate beaker. If this is not possible, then
remove the electrode ring/anodes or electrode mesh from the beaker.

Add the solution.

Add a stirring bar but do not turn on the hotplate stirrer and start stirring.

Very carefully add the relevant quantity of Carbon Powder and tamp down any
powder that remains floating on the top of the solution with a spatula or spoon.

Start stirring slowly to begin with then increase gradually until a medium rate
of stir is obtained.

Increase the temperature to 40°C and continue stirring for 3 hours.

Switch off the heating and stirring action and allow to cool to room temperature.

Filter using a filter kit and check the filtrate is clear. If not, filter again using the same
filter paper.

If using the same beaker for plating as for the carbon treatment, rinse well with a
scrubbing action before returning the solution back into the beaker. Also rinse the
stirrer bar well.
Carbon forms a weak bond with most surfaces and must be removed mechanically.

Replenish the solution with any addition agents (if necessary) and commence plating.



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