Assorted Swabs 8 Pack

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Standard Swab – Single

£4.83 + VAT

Extra Fluffy Swab

£4.50 + VAT

S-Type Swab

£3.96 + VAT

S-Type Mini Swab

£3.63 + VAT

Short Swab

£4.04 + VAT

Small Swab

£3.63 + VAT

Short Extra Fluffy Swab

£4.39 + VAT

Small Swab - Short

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This pack contains a selection of our most popular swabs. It means you will have the flexibility to take on a range of different plating jobs easily and quickly.

1 x Extra Fluffy Swab, 1 x Extra Fluffy – Short Swab, 1 x Standard Swab, 1 x Short Swab, 1 x Small Swab, 1 x Small Swab – Short, 1 x S-Type Swab, 1 x S-Type Mini Swab

Our swabs will last a long time if you thoroughly rinse them under running water after each use.

Gold plating a mixer tap with our Standard Swab.

The Short Swab is great for one-off small gold plating jobs where only a little gold solution is needed. This swab saves on gold solution by avoiding soaking up too much gold plating solution. The Extra Fluffy Swab is very good for plating highly textured surfaces such as repousse as the extra fluffiness reaches into the indentations, ensuring an even plate of gold even in the recesses. The Small Swab is more streamlined and is therefore more able to get into smaller spaces. The S-Type swabs have been developed for plating our rhodium and platinum brush plating solutions but can also be used with all of our other brush plating solutions.

Our swabs will last a long time if you rinse them out thoroughly under running water each time they’re used.

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Features Benefits
A selection of our most popular swabs Chosen to give you the maximum flexibility to tackle a wide range of plating jobs.Each of the following swabs can be re-used many times – just rinse thoroughly between plating stages.Can be used with most of our plating solutions apart from rhodium and platinum, which need our S-Type Swabs
Standard Swab x 2 – close stitched and a double layer of absorbent material Holds just the right amount of plating solution, which reduces wastage and saves time. Suitable for most medium sized plating jobs.
Small Swab x 1 – a single layer of material, rather than double Ideal for plating into smaller areas
Short Swab x 1 – half the length of the Standard Swab Ideal for small, one off plating jobs such as rings, where only a small amount of gold plating solution is required. Its reduced size means far less solution is absorbed into the swab, so it’s more economical.
Extra Fluffy Swab x 1 – Soft, fluffy surface with a higher absorbency than standard swabs Its cushioned texture means it’s ideal for highly irregular surfaces, for example the repoussed or chased surfaces of antique silver plate – it delivers the plating solution into the depressions more efficiently.Great for plating on plastics and other non-metal surfaces as it builds the copper layer more quickly (it holds more plating solution which means less dipping is needed).Its softness means a gentle plating of copper onto the delicate layer of conductive silver ink.

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