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This sealing lacquer is ideal for sealing porous surfaces in preparation for electroforming or electroplating. It can provide an adherent base for our Conductive Ink (hi-grade).

Spa Plating’s sealing lacquer can also be used to seal 3D ABS-prints; it not only seals the pores, but also smooths out the lines left by filament printing.

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HS Code: 3824 99 70


1. You can either spray on the Sealing Lacquer with an airbrush or you can dip you item. Here is the equipment you need to dip; the item to be dipped, mounted on a piece of our gold plated jigging wire with some epoxy resin; a disposable plastic beaker; a piece of tissue; one of our pen plating clip trays.

2. Pour out enough Sealing Lacquer into your plastic beaker that will completely submerge the item you want to seal.

3. Dip your item into the Sealing Lacquer and gently move it about, making sure the lacquer completely coats every surface.

4. Remove the item from the lacquer and clip it into the pen plating clip tray. Gently shake off any excess lacquer onto the tissue. Allow the laquer to dry before dipping again. If the items is quite porous, you may need to dip 2-3 times. The used lacquer must be safely stored in a separate screw top, all-plastic beaker. We don’t advise pouring the lacquer back into its container, as it may contain particles dislodged from the surface of the item you’ve just dipped. Once you’ve poured the excess lacquer into its storing beaker, you can wrap the empty dipping beaker in a plastic bag to use next time.

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