Battery powered pen maintenance - help for our old-style pens

Battery powered plating pen maintenance

By following these simple steps each time you use your Spa Plating battery operated plating pen, you'll ensure its optimum performance and long life.

NB these instructions DO NOT apply to the most recent upgrade to our battery powered plating pens. Guidance for maintaining our current style battery powered pens can be found on the relevant product pages.

1. Procedure for storage after use

Remove the nib from the pen.

2. Battery cover

Loosen the battery cover.

3. Electrode assembly

Unscrew the electrode assembly.

4. Rinsing

Rinse the assembly well, concentrating on the electrode tip.

5. Leave the pen unassembled to dry out. Leave it unassembled until you’re ready to use it again.

Procedure for start up

6. Check the contact on the battery for any possible corrosion. If necessary, clean with a dry, abrasive pad.

7. Check the back plate of the electrode assembly for dirt. If necessary, clean off with an abrasive pad.

8. Screw the electrode assembly back in to the battery holder.

9. Tighten the battery cover (don’t over tighten).

Make sure the nib is fully wetted with the solution and in the case of pointed or paddle nibs, the back of the nibe cantacts with the electrode.

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