How to operate our Magnetic Stirrer

Magnetic Stirrer Instructions

Maintaining an appropriate agitation is important for achieving optimal results with a number of our plating solutions. This magnetic stirrer is ideal as it takes up minimum space on your benchtop and can manage our 1 litre plating beakers with ease. It can also reduce the cost of using our beaker plating system as it can replace our more expensive hotplate stirrer where your plating solution can be operated at room temperature. (20 °C) For guidance on rate of agitation, please see the “Tech Specs” tab on the plating solution product page.

1. Connecting up the magnetic stirrer

Connect the stirrer to the adaptor and then plug the adaptor into the socket on your power source.

2. Placing the plating beaker

Place the plating beaker containing your plating solution on the stirrer.

3. Stirring bar

Place the stirring bar in the solution.

4. Switching on

Switch on the magnetic stirrer – the green light above the plus and minus speed control buttons will come on.

5. Controlling the speed of stir

Pressing and holding down the plus or minus buttons will control the speed at which you want the stir to operate. Once you release the button and while the speed of stir gradually changes, the green light above the switches will flash. When the magnetic stirrer has reached its steady speed, the flashing light will change to a continuous light.

6. Reversing the direction of stir

To reverse the direction of stir, press the direction of stir button – the reversing function is especially useful for minimising tide marks when plating flat items, for example the blade of a knife.

7. Switching off

To switch off the magnetic stirrer, press the power button.

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