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These scales, complete with weighing tray and spatula, are ideal for measuring out the correct amount of our Copper Electroforming Replenisher when maintaining the optimum performance of your Spa Plating Copper Electroforming Solution. Click the Tech Specs tab below for further information on setting up and calibration.

Our scales ship with a Weighing Tray and a stainless steel spatula, to make measuring out as convenient and accurate as possible. To see a guide on how to use these scales in our Electroplating Manual, please click HERE

For information on how to use the scales with our electroforming process, please click HERE

Specifications and Calibration

Maximum capacity 500g
Readability 0.1g
Units of measurement Grams (default), oz and lbs if mode key is enabled
Built in bull’s eye spirit level To level the scales in the horizontal plane
Operating temperature 0 – 40 degrees centigrade
Power supply 2 x AA batteries or 6v DC adaptor (not supplied)
Calibration mass 500g (see Calibration below)
Display 5 x 12mm high digits
Pan size 130mm diameter stainless steel
Overall dimensions (w x d x h) 160mm x 205mm x 45mm
Net weight 385g



1. Turn the scales on.

2. Press and hold the [Mode] and [Zero] keys together for about 5 seconds until the display shows
internal an internal code value.

3. Press [Mode] key once, the display will show CALL 500, where is the 500g calibration weight.

4. Load calibration weight as per the displayed value – the scale will show 500 at which point you
can remove the weight and calibration will be complete.

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