Disposal considerations

Disposal considerations for plating solutions

The amount of solution used when you brush plate is so small that no special waste treatment equipment is required. However, solutions containing metals must be contained and disposed of in accordance with all national and local authority regulations. The recommended method of containment for metal containing solutions is as follows;

1. Collection

Drippings from the metal solutions need to be collected by pouring them from the trays into a UN container. Gold waste needs to be collected in a separate, marked UN container and segregated from other wastes. Mixing the two will result in the development of dangerous gasses.

2. UN Marking

The UN marking should be clearly visible on the side of the container. This type of container can be easily purchased over the internet.

Keep the UN containers in a safe, well marked area and consult your local telephone directory for waste disposal services in your area.

3. Label

Make sure you label the gold solution container to distinguish it clearly from the other container!

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