Gold Tank Calculator

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Gold tank plating calculator

How to use this calculator :

1. In the first box, enter the thickness that you want to plate to in microns (thousandths of a millimetre).

2. In the second box, enter the surface area of the article in square centimetres (cm2).

3. In the third box, enter the gold concentration (for a new solution that’s 4 grams per litre).

4. In the fourth box, enter the speed at which you want the gold to plate (microns per minute).

5. In the fifth box, ender the volume of solution purchased (ml).

6. Click the ‘Calculate’ button.

7. Read off the amp setting for your rectifier and the plating time.

8. Amp-hours (Ah) and Coulombs are quoted in the next two boxes. These should be used if you’re monitoring the
process with the MicroPlater (in Amp-hour mode) or using our Coulometer.

9. Temperature and agitation are quoted in the following two boxes.

10. The concentration of gold remaining and the volume of replenisher to add is shown in the next two boxes.

11. The cost of solution used and weight of gold are shown in the final two boxes.