Platinum Rod Electrode for Beaker Plating

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Our range of platinum rod electrodes are especially useful for copper electroforming. Used with our copper electroforming solution, they produces consistently shiny and smooth layers of pure copper. No roughness after multiple uses and it eliminates time consuming polishing back.
One of the main sources of particulate contamination, which cause both dullness and roughness, is particulate contamination from using copper electrodes.
Using a platinum rod electrode eliminates this source of contamination.
Please note that if using this electrode, both the copper metal and brightener will need to be made as per the Copper Electroforming Calculator.
Further information on the dimensions and platinised length of the electrodes can be found by clicking on the Tech Specs tab below.
Please note that platinum rod electrodes can be used for other plating solutions including Gold and Palladium Tank plating Solution.

To assemble the Rod Electrodes in preparation for electroforming, screw them into our Electrode Ring and then slip on two of our Anode Bags. To position the rod electrodes and anode bags correctly in the beaker, make sure that the anode bag is touching the bottom of the beaker and that the top of the anode bag isn’t touching the electrode ring. If you want to use our 2 Litre beaker, you’ll need four of these electrodes and four of our 2 litre anode bags.

Our Rod Electrodes represent a unique approach to copper electroforming. Using these electrodes means our process is completely controllable and reliable. Indeed, the ‘throwing’ power of our copper electroforming solution increases the more it is used, as demonstrated with the way it has successfully electroformed into the recesses of this miniature cypress cone.

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Features Benefits
Made from platinum plated (platinised) titanium Ensures top quality results for all precious metals including gold, rhodium, platinum and ruthenium
Can be used with a range of plating solutions including gold, Copper Electroforming and Copper Strike solution.

Note: It is very important to use the correct electrode. If a stainless steel electrode is used for gold plating, iron from the stainless steel will react with the gold chemical and dissolve into the gold plating solution. This will poison it, making the gold insoluble and not able to plate. This will greatly reduce the efficiency of the solution.

Please refer to the table below when choosing the number of electrodes
required for each beaker.

Beaker Volume

Maximum number of electrodes per beaker

250ml 2
500ml 4
1 litre 6
2 litre 8



Electrode dimensions

Beaker volume

Diameter Total length Platinised length
250ml 6mm 85mm 65mm
500ml 6mm 100mm 70mm
1 litre 6mm 124mm 95mm
1 litre 8mm 124mm 95mm
2 litre 6mm 145mm 115mm
2 litre 8mm 145mm 115mm
5 litre 12mm 250mm 210mm


  • Base material: type 2 titanium.
  • Platinum content: 50 g/m2
  • Operating current density: not more than 80 amps/dm2.
  • Operating pH range: 0.5 – 11.
  • Conditions to avoid: Low pH electrolytes containing fluoride and chloride.
  • Length of electrode may vary +/- 3%

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