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Our Brush-on Lacquer (water based) is ideal for sealing porous items before electroforming with our Copper Electroforming Kit.

It also acts as a good bonding layer for our water-based Conductive Ink (hi-grade), when brush plating onto wood.

This is a good choice for items that are too big to dip in our Dipping Lacquer.

Please click on the Examples tab for an outline of the stages in brush plating on wood and the Video tab to see how the brush-on lacquer is applied.

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Here is a piece of tree bark that is going to be brush plated.

In order to do this, it needs to be completely dry and so it has been left at room temperature for a few weeks.

It can then be safely lacquered with our Brush-on Lacquer.

Once the lacquer has been applied it should be left to dry at room temperature for 12 hours.

The next step is to make the surface of the bark conductive by spraying on our Conductive Ink (hi-grade)

It can then be brush plated with our PP Copper Brush Plating Solution.

Here is a short video showing how the Brush-on Lacquer is applied;

and here is a full length video showing the complete process of brush plating on wood;

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Operating Conditions and Deposit Data

Parameter Value
Medium Water based
Application type Brush
Finish Gloss
Touch-dry time @ 25 °C 1 – 2 hours
Cure time @ 25 °C 12 hours
Max coverage 30 – 40 cm2/ml of Brush-on Lacquer
Opacity Slightly opaque when wet, clear when dry
Average cured film thickness 30 – 40 microns
Shelf life Up to 2 years
Health and Safety classification Not classified as harmful
Special considerations None
Transport (UN number) None: Not classified as dangerous for transport

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