Fine Fibre Nib

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Specially designed to be used with any of our Pen Plating Solutions. Fits both of our Plating Pens and the ultra fine point is ideal for selective plating of claw settings. These nibs are acid treated, rinsed in pure water and vacuum dried to remove trace impurities, which may darken the plate.

The Fine Fibre Nib has been specifically developed for rhodium plating claw and pave settings. The conduction band ensures good conductivity and optimum plating performance. Another advantage of the ultra fine nib is that it absorbs less plating solution and is therefore more economic to use. To help you decide which of our pen plating kits to choose, please click HERE for our Electroplating Manual.

The fine tip of this nib is great for getting to those hard to reach areas on claw settings.

Before you use your fibre nib, it’s a good idea to soak it in the plating solution you intend to use for a period of time, to ensure good electrical conductivity between the surface of your work and the solution soaked nib. Once you’ve finished your job, you can then store the nib in any remaining plating solution, ready for the next job.

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