Copper Rod Electrode for Beaker Plating

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This copper rod electrode for beaker plating comes in two different sizes for the 1 Litre Beaker and the 2 Litre Beaker. The 1 Litre Beaker takes a maximum of 6 copper electrodes and the 2 Litre takes a maximum of 8 electrodes.

The Copper Electrode for the 1 Litre Beaker screws into the Electrode Ring and is then covered by the Anode Bags. Because they can be easily replaced and reconfigured you can change their position or only have 2-3, according to the shape of the object you’re planning on electroforming. To see how to use our Copper Electrode for the 1 Litre Beaker, please click HERE to see our Electroplating Manual.

The 2 Litre Beaker takes an Electrode Ring with 8 ports that can hold a maximum of 8 copper electrodes.

Copper rod electrodes are made from C106 copper which replaces the copper
removed from the solution by the work piece.

Please note that regular filtration is necessary when using copper electrodes as
very fine copper particles will enter the solution causing the work to dull.
This happens even if anode bags are used.
To eliminate the need for regular filtration, we recommend using Platinum Rod
Electrodes and replacing the copper plated out by adding Copper Electroforming
Replenisher as per our Copper Electroforming Calculator.

Please refer to the table below when choosing the number of electrodes
required for each beaker.

Beaker Volume

Maximum number of electrodes per beaker

250ml 2
500ml 4
1 litre 6
2 litre 8



Electrode dimensions

Beaker volume

Diameter Total length
250ml 6mm 85mm
500ml 6mm 100mm
1 litre 6mm 125mm
2 litre 6mm 140mm

Base material: Phosphorous deoxidised copper (C106)


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