Pen plating rose gold and palladium

Pen plating rose gold and palladium on a nickel alloy brooch

The contrasting tones of rose gold and palladium effortlessly highlight the intricate design of this brooch, and show how two tone plating can turn a fairly humble piece of costume jewellery into something really quite special.
This project also demonstrates the vital role Gold Flash plays in providing a base for plating onto nickel and nickel containing alloys. You will need to mask out after the initial Gold Flash layer and again between the layer of palladium and rose gold.
Please note: The Rectifier shown in this project has now been discontinued and replaced by the MF Rectifier Mk II.

1. What you’ll need

Equipment; MF Rectifier Mk II, Plating Pen and Electrode, Conductor Strips, Pen Nibs (pointed and paddle shaped), artist’s watercolour brush.

Solutions and Materials; Gold Flash, Palladium Pen, prepared rose gold (for instructions on preparation, please see the guide in this manual), MetaSeal, MPU, nail varnish, kitchen paper towel.


Instructions for setting up the MF Rectifier Mk II for pen plating can be found HERE

2. Gold Flash 8-10 v

Prepare the surface as normal with MPU and then plate a layer of Gold Flash to create a base for the palladium. Always protect your work from risk of scratching by using one of our Conductor Strips between the Crocodile Clip and the piece you’re plating, as shown in the photograph.

For guidance on the correct fitting of the nib into the end of the plating pen, please see the section in this manual on the Battery Plating Pen.

Rinse with a spray bottle containing deionised water.

3. Masking out

Carefully apply the nail varnish with the artist’s brush, tidying any mistakes with nail varnish remover and a clean paper towel.

4. Palladium plating 3.5 - 4.5v

Remember to adjust the voltage to 3.5 – 4.5 volts for the palladium, applying the solution in circular movements and regularly dipping the pen into the pot. When finished, rinse with deionised water.

5. Second masking out and rose gold plating 2v

Mask out the area that you have just plated, in this case the palladium. Adjust the voltage to 2v and plate with the prepared rose gold solution. Rinse and remove all traces of nail varnish with nail varnish remover.

6. Finishing

We recommend using MetaSeal at the final stage, to bring out the lustre of the plate and help protect the surface of your work.

This brooch has been selectively rose gold pen plated using rose gold plating solution created with our Rose Gold Mixer and our K-Gold

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