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Our Pyrex® Plating Beakers come in 250ml, 500ml, 1 and 2 Litre volumes. The 1 and 2 litre versions are Pyrex® branded heavy duty beakers which are a lot more break resistant and tougher than other types of beakers and safer-to-use. Please click on ‘Tech Specs’ tab to view sizes.

The 5 litre version is a heavy-duty Duran branded beaker.


Here is the complete range of our plating beakers lined up according to size. From left to right; 250ml, 500ml, 1 Litre, 2 Litre, 5 Litre.

Each beaker is fitted with the corresponding size of our beaker rings for plating in a beaker, platinum electrodes and anode bags.

This image is for reference only; our plating beakers, beaker rings, electrodes and anode bags are all sold separately.


Features Benefits
Made of pyrex glass
  • Items being plated can be seen throughout plating process.
  • No staining from plating solution over time.
Digital thermometer probe attached to outside wall of tank
  • Not in direct contact with gold plating solution, so no danger of stainless steel contamination.
  • Allows you to easily monitor the temperature of your plating solution.


Internal Dimensions of Plating Beakers

Volume Internal Diameter Height Type
250 ml 67 mm 94 mm Standard
500 ml 85 mm 122 mm Standard
1 litre 102 mm 153 mm Thick-Walled
2 litres 125 mm 180 mm Thick-Walled
5 litres 163 mm 265 mm Thick-Walled

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