Coloured Gold Mixing Calculator

Please refer How To Use This Calculator below

How to use this calculator :

1. In the first box, enter the shade and karat value of gold that you wish to mix.

2. In the second box, choose whether you wish to measure the components of the mixture by volume(V) or by weight (W).

3. In the third box, enter the volume or weight of K-Gold that you wish to mix.

4. Press the ‘Calculate’ button.

5. Read off the amount of mixers to add to your chosen amount of K-Gold.

Notes :

For the Short Swab on a Carbon Electrode, set rectifier to 2.5 volts.

For the Extra Fluffy Swab on a Carbon Electrode, set the rectifier to 3.0 volts.

For the Pointed Nib attached to the Carbon Pen Electrode, set rectifier to 2.7 volts.

Always use a new or nearly new swab for this process.

Use the plating solution within 1 hour of mixing.

When plating on to stainless steel, nickel and its alloys, plate a gold flash layer first.

Please click on the link below to see a YouTube video on how to use this calculator to use or coloured metal mixer system;