Coloured Gold Mixing Syringes

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A range of syringes that are designed to be used with our gold mixing system.

With these syringes you’ll be able to dispense very small amounts of our rose and green gold mixers to economically create a wide range of commonly used gold alloys in different shades and carats.

Syringes are supplied with needles and stoppers.

Each size of syringe comes with its own needle and stopper. This allows your plating solution to be very accurately and economically dispensed.

The black plastic base of the needle screws into the end of the syringe.

These syringes can be used to accurately measure out small amounts of our coloured metal mixer plating solutions. In this picture, 5ml of our K-Gold Brush Plating Solution is being measured out using the 5ml syringe. The smaller syringes can then be used to add smaller amounts of the rose and/or green gold mixer. For example, if you want to create an 18kt yellow gold alloy you would then add 0.25ml of the Rose Gold Mixer and 0.4ml of the Green Gold Mixer.

Simply select the shade of gold that you require at the given karat value and our online Gold Mixing Calculator will do the rest including showing you the amounts of mixers to add to you selected K-Gold amount.

As an alternative to using our syringes you can use a set of scales to weigh out the correct amount of coloured metal mixer. This method is more accurate at smaller quantities, allowing you to use less K-Gold solution and thus reducing your costs.

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