Setting up your MF Rectifier for Brush Plating

Preparing your MF Rectifier for Brush Plating

NB - we no longer sell this rectifier.

This rectifier can be used for tank, brush and pen plating. Here is a quick guide to setting it up for brush plating.

1. Your equipment

Assemble your equipment as shown in the photo:

2. Turning on your rectifier

Use the switch on the back of the rectifier to turn it on.

3. Attaching the leads

Fit the crocodile clip to the end of the black lead and plug the other end into the corresponding black socket on the front of the rectifier. Plug in the red lead into the corresponding red socket.

4. Amps and volts

Turn the amps dial clockwise to the stop (maximum) and the volts to the value required by the brush plating solution.

Note: Even though the amps dial is set to maximum, the amps meter will read ‘0.00’.

The amp meter will not read anything until plating commences.

The volts will however be displayed.

5. Open the circuit

Open the circuit (or turn the circuit off) by switching the Output switch so that the line is in the up position.

6. Set the voltage

Set the voltage to about 3.5

7. Connecting the black lead to the red lead

Using the crocodile clip on the end of the black lead, connect the black to the red lead.

8. Close the circuit

Close the circuit.

9. Adjusting the amps

Adjust the amps to about 4.5 to 5 amps.

NB. This stage sets the maximum amps to prevent damage to the work piece should the bare electrode accidentally come in contact with the work directly.

10. Open circuit

Open the circuit again.

11. Connecting the electrode

Unclip the crocodile clip from the end of the red lead.

Connect the electrode handle to the end of the red lead and attach the swab to the electrode.

12. Selecting the voltage

Select the correct voltage range for your brush plating solution.

13. Closing circuit for plating

Now close the circuit and you’re ready to start plating.

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