The composition of some common alloys

A quick reference table to identify some common alloys

Below you'll find a reference table that shows the composition of common alloys. It helps to know the different metals that make up these alloys, as this influences the choices you make about pre-treatments and which plating processes to use.

A quick reference table for the composition of the most common metal alloys

Below is a handy table showing the mixes of metals in some common alloys you may need to plate. This knowledge will help you decide on the best course of action when selecting the best plating process. For help identifying the metal in the first place, please see our guide ‘How to identify different metals’ and once you’ve identified the metal or alloy please see our guide to choosing the right pre-treatment processes according to the plate you’ve selected.

Alloy Contains mostly… With some…
Brass Copper (67%) Zinc (33%)
Britannia metal Tin Antinomy, copper
Bronze Copper Tin
Cupronickel Copper Nickel/manganese
Gilding metal Copper (95%) Zinc (5%)
Monel metal Nickel Coppe iron
Nickel silver Copper (60%) Nickel (20% zinc (20%))
Pewter Tin (94%) Copper, bismuth
Pot metal/Zamak/Mazak Zinc Tin, aluminium, copper
Stainless steel Iron Chromium (18%), nickel (5%)
Sterling silver Silver (92.5%) Copper (7.5%)

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